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This group is for magicians to discuss magic tricks, give each other advice, criticism and support, or just talk about anything. All skill and interest levels are welcome. Some might be hobbyists, or some full time professionals. We can practice by performing for each other and perhaps put on ticketed shows for the public. We could share learning resources like books or videos. We could also perhaps share gig opportunities. Perhaps we might also buy props like cards in bulk together as this is much cheaper than buying individually.

I don't know about you, but I love power. For this reason, I probably shouldn't have it. I want this to be as democratic a group as possible with no leader, not even an elected one. The person who understands your concerns best is you, and your should be able to directly influence collective decisions that are relevant to you. I would like to create a system that empowers weaker members, so that decisions are not biased in favour of those who are already confident. All new group members will be made group organisers after attending three events. This will give us an opportunity to get to know the new people and ensure they understand our fairly simple guidelines. This will ensure an equal distribution of power. Everyone can create or edit polls or events. I don't think we should remove group organisers without the unanimous consent of the group. If someone has expertise it is just common sense to listen to them and take their advice if it may benefit you, there is never any need to impose onto others or give orders. If you impose rules onto other people and they don't understand, agree with, or consider this to be fair (even if it actually is), the only lesson you have taught them is that might makes right. It doesn't really matter if I think I know what's best for other people, if we don't come to a mutual understanding about what that means, I am only discouraging trust and cooperative behaviour.

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