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Sydney .NET User Group: "Tips and Tricks to Good Contracts" -Cameron Shaw

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At the beginning of a contract everything often goes swimmingly. The client loves you and you get paid on time, every time. Then, after a few issues or delays, the contract can go a little bit off the rails. There's issues to do with deliverables, the client is a bit late in paying bills, and there's arguments about bugs. You try and negotiate your way through, but after a while the relationship begins to break down and you find yourself owed a lot of money, with claims from the customer that you are delivering a half-built app. Where to from here? Finish the app and hope that you get paid in the end? March off to court? Or just let the whole thing slide and leave with a bitter taste in your mouth?

Come hear this and more at May's Sydney .NET User Group. And don't be scared to bring your hairiest questions for Cameron. This might be the best free advice you'll ever get from a solicitor!

Cameron Shaw is a solicitor with a range of experience in software projects. He loves talking all things law and the tips and tricks when it comes to contracts and contract disputes. He understands software and has experience in advising clients in what steps you can take to best protect your contractual position and the common pitfalls to avoid.