Sydney NLP Mini Conference #1


Hi Sydney Natural Language Processing enthusiasts!

Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA) and Sydney NLP Meetup will be hosting two mini-conferences in Sydney, on Sat Jul 14th and Thurs Jul 26th. These events bookend the ACL Conference, which will be held in Australia this year.

We have locked in some incredible speakers for the 14th:
- Matt Honnibal (Explosion AI, SpaCy)
- Ines Montani (Explosion AI, SpaCy)
- Rahul Goel (Amazon Alexa)
- Alyona Medelyan (Thematic)
- John Henderson (Airtree Ventures)

There will also be Lightning Talks to showcase Sydney's NLP scene from:
- Jack Elliott (Flamingo AI)
- Jon Patrick (Health Language Analytics)
- Andy Chisholm (
- Xavier Holt (Sypht)
- Luiz Pizzato (Accenture Liquid Studios)
- James Constable (Arria)
- Will Radford (Canva)
- Jonathan Hatch (ASIC)

Some food and drinks will be provided, along with opportunities to socialize!

Thanks to ALTA for generously providing sponsorship to support our international visitors, and Sharon at Tyro Fintech Hub for hosting. Organization of this event is a volunteer effort provided by the Sydney NLP Meetup team.

Details for the Jul 26th event still to come, please save the date!

Preliminary program:

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