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This group is for anyone who is interested in learning about, and experiencing Office 365 productivity solutions in the public cloud. Come along and find out how Office 365 can transform organisations by facilitating your business objectives, improving collaboration and knowledge-sharing, improving innovation, increasing productivity, and enhancing end user experience.

Also those who just enjoy a chat and some pizza with fellow business users!

If you have a topic you'd like to hear about, or better yet a presentation you'd like to give, then please get in touch with the Organizers!

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Surviving Digital Workplace “Horror Stories” A Responsive.Org Halloween Special

In the horror year that is 2020, what are the tricks and treats that have helped organisations survive and thrive? Join us in a Halloween special as we look at the horrors that we’ve tackled in our digital workplaces from Ghostwriting to technological terror. Register here: https://engagesq.com/event/digital-workplace-horror-stories/ Event Details: Date: 28 October 2020 Time: 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm (AEST) Location: Online Webinar Join us to get some insights from a group of responsive thinkers including: Emma Cashen (Cricket Australia) Rebecca Jackson (NextDC) Luke Grange (onepoint) Matt Dodd (Engage Squared) Community events for the ResponsiveOrg are coordinated in collaboration with other Responsive thinkers across Australia and sponsored by Engage Squared. Responsive.org is an independent global community committed to creating and growing Responsive Organisations and enabling a fundamental shift in our way of working and organising. Responsive Organisations are designed to thrive in less predictable environments by balancing the following tensions: More Predictable <-> Less Predictable Profit <-> Purpose Hierarchies <-> Networks Controlling <-> Empowering Planning <-> Experimentation Privacy <-> Transparency Please note: When you join this meeting, your name, email address and/or phone number may be viewable by other session participants in the attendee list. By joining, you’re agreeing to this experience. For more information visit: https://www.responsive.org/

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