Inaugural Sydney Serverless Meetup

Sydney Serverless Meetup Group
Sydney Serverless Meetup Group
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Inaugural Sydney Serverless Meetup

Say hello and meet like minded folk who are interested in serverless cloud technologies. Our first meetup is going to be a busy one. There will be a bunch of lightning talks (want to talk? send us a message), a book launch and giveaways. It promises to be an exciting night for every one.

This is a group for solution architects, developers, and cloud enthusiasts who are interested in serverless technologies. We want to talk about how serverless architecture and serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Firebase and others can make things easier, cheaper, and help to accelerate development of projects.

We'll start 6pm and our agenda will be as follows:

• Welcome note from the organizers

• What is this serverless thing all about (Peter Sbarski)? A quick debrief for those are new. We'll cover the principles of serverless (as we see them) and say why think it has a great future.

• Using Serverless Architecture in Practice (Sam Kroonenburg). Sam will tell us how he and the A Cloud Guru team used serverless tech to build a platform that supports over 40,000 users. How did he do it? I don't know but Sam will spill his secrets.

• λ in Practice (Toby Hede)

• Introduction to Apex (Rowan Udell)

• How to move the Titanic (Martin Roberts)

• Book Launch

• Giveaways

• Food and drinks

Food (pizza) and drinks (beer, soft-drinks, water) will be provided to all attendees.