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October Edition, Sydney Serverless Meetup

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Hosted By
Peter H. and Matthew R.


Google Cloud have kindly invited us over to their Pyrmont offices.

Please note the new location:
1 Darling Island Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009

🏠Venue Host: Google
🍕Food and Beverage sponsor: Google

🎤Katie McLaughlin, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud
Complexity in Deployments: Django on GCP
Deploying a django application outside of a specialised Product as a Service designed for the task can be confusing, but it is possible to deploy a fully serverless scalable Django application natively on GCP. In this talk, we will demonstrate a deployment of a Django application using Cloud Run, Cloud SQL and Cloud Storages; using the current best practice Python package helpers and managed serverless technologies available in the GCP stack.

🎤Jordan Simonovski, Senior Cloud Engineer, Lendi
Stack Janitor
In a world where we continually create ephemeral infrastructure, there needs to be someone to clean it all up when it's no longer being used. That person is StackJanitor!
StackJanitor is an open-source, event-driven Serverless Application that cleans up unused CloudFormation stacks, and helps to keep costs down where we run ephemeral infrastructure.
Jordan is currently a Team Lead for the Platform Team at Lendi, and is passionate about building great developer tooling, resilient systems, and working with Serverless applications.

See you all there!

1 Darling Island Rd · Pyrmont, al
4 spots left