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Hi All, to keep you going with your monthly fill of Serverless, we will be bringing you an online edition this month thanks to the fine folks at YOW! Conferences.

🏠Platform Host: YOW Conferences
🍕Food and Drink: You 😊

🎤 James Hegedus, DevOps & Cloud Consultant @ Servian
Next.js & Framework optimized cloud platforms
Next.js is the most popular React Application Framework, while open source, the roadmap and development are supported by the creating company Vercel (formerly Zeit). Vercel's product is a Cloud platform which simplifies the creation and hosting of APIs and Web Apps via Serverless compute, with specific support for Next.js applications. James will present a brief history of Next.js, it's focus on JAMstack, the new features of Next.js and what is involved when hosting a hybrid Next.js app on a more traditional CDN platform with Firebase Hosting and Cloud Functions.

🎤 John Liu, Founder of Power Studio & Power Clarity
Microsoft Power Automate for developers: Serverless automation middleware
This is an advanced session aimed at developers. We are living in an age of serverless computation. Write code, run them easily in the cloud. In this world, we look at serverless principals, and realize that the best code to run is the code you don't have to write or maintain, code whose execution costs we don't have to worry about.
In this Serverless future, Power Automate is a low-code solution that exceeds our expectations - we are already pretty fast at reusing logic, what happens when developers takes something designed for power users and fly with it?!
* Out of the box developer efficiency
* Complex Serverless concepts and patterns looks simple
* The best auth is not worrying about auth
* Getting work done fast
* Easy debugging
John is the founder of Power Studio & Power Clarity
He specializes and blogs ( frequently on client-side scripting, custom development, workflows and Forms.
John is a strong advocate of serverless technologies - he is an early champion of Azure Functions and then Microsoft Power Automate / Logic Apps. He was awarded a second MVP in Business Applications for his work in promoting and strengthening Flow and PowerApps capabilities.

🎤 Kris Howard, Solutions Architect Manager, AWS
How I Built a Serverless, Voice-Powered Meetup Calendar App
Remember when meetups involved actually getting together in the same room? Good times.
Kris used to go to a LOT of meetups, so a few years back she built a PHP monolith app that created custom calendar feeds for Australian tech meetups. She then realised this was problematic in oh-so-many ways, so she converted it to a serverless Node app, with many refinements along the way. Now she's even added on an Alexa skill. She'll walk you through how it works, how the architecture evolved, and what it costs to run. You can even subscribe to the calendar yourself! Which might come in handy if we ever get to gather in person again...

Remember to bring along some great questions!