• September Edition, Sydney Serverless

    DataDog Sydney

    DataDog have kindly invited us over to their WeWork offices! 🏠Host: WeWork, Martin Place 🍕Food and Drink: DataDog Speakers: 🎤Toby Hede, Engineering Manager - Amaysim Serverless Patterns in AWS In this talk I will present a handful of serverless patterns and approaches collated from building and running serverless architectures in production. Details are AWS centric, but transferable to the cloud of your choice. 🎤Hesky Ji, Engineering Manager at the ABC Our Journey of Adopting Serverless I’ll share a bit story on how we are evolving the ABC’s digital content API and a couple of common challenges in adopting serverless. More speaker details to come!

  • Moar Serverless!!!

    MSFT Reactor

    Simon Waight and Microsoft Reactor have kindly invited us back again for a special edition of Sydney Serverless. Host sponsor: MSFT Reactor Food and Drink sponsor: Microsoft Azure Speakers: Aaron Powell Stateful Serverless through Durable Functions You’re introducing Serverless as a component within your application architecture and it’s great at solving the processing-at-scale problems that you have. But there’s one sticking point, how do you handle an operation that takes more than a few seconds to run? What happens when we have an asynchronous operation that needs to complete before you can respond to the caller? We don’t want our Serverless code waiting, that’ll become expensive quickly, instead we want to sleep for a period of time. This is where event sourcing comes in, but do you want to be building your own orchestration engine or managing state across restarts? Speaker 2: Jason Umiker, Solutions Architect, AWS Multicloud serverless: https://github.com/jasonumiker/serverless-multicloud-example Lightning talk: Pavel Vlasov - Atlassian Serverless IDE https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=ThreadHeap.serverless-ide-vscode See you all there!

  • August Edition, Sydney Serverless

    Alibaba Cloud Sydney

    Alibaba Cloud have kindly invited us to their Castlereagh Street offices in between Martin Place and Wynyard stations. 1st speaker: Ben Dechrai, Auth0 A token walks into a SPA Securing SPAs isn't as straight forward as a traditional web application. The code is there for all to see. Cookies and local storage aren't 100% safe. Where do we put the login forms? And what if the user refreshes?! Learn everything you need to know about JSON Web Tokens, and maybe even some things you don't! Keep user credentials safe, while still communicating effectively with APIs. Ben Dechrai is a technologist with a strong focus on security and privacy. At 11 years old he wrote software to stop his parents from breaking the family PC, and now he works as a developer advocate for Auth0. He enjoys helping developers find the joy of problem solving and experimentation, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @bendechrai. 2nd Speaker: Alberto Roura, Alibaba Cloud MVP, works as DevOps Technical Lead at Studio None, Brisbane, helping SME companies realise how the cloud can help in their daily life. Alberto is ACP certified and writes in the official blog as Tech Writer. He will introduce Alibaba Cloud serverless platform with a real product developed on the Chinese provider. 3rd Speaker - lightning talk! Rich Buggy In this lightning talk Rich will demo how to build an AWS SAM application written in TypeScript using Webpack and aws-sam-webpack-plugin. This replaces the "sam build" step for SAM CLI users while maintaining compatibility with SAM CLI for packaging/deployment and SAM Local. The advantages of using Webpack and this plugin include: - Supports TypeScript and Babel - Tree shaking to remove unused code - Conditionally include the aws-sdk for SAM Local - Automatic rebuilding when changes are saved - Automatic creation of VS Code debugging configuration for your Lambda Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  • July Edition, Sydney Serverless

    Microsoft Reactor

    Microsoft Reactor have kindly invited us to use their space this month. Speakers: 1st Speaker Geshan Manandhar, Senior Software Engineer, THE ICONIC From 0 to working serverless URL for a containerized app -- Google cloud run Ever wondered if you could run your web application container on a serverless platform? Wait no further with the recent Google cloud run release it is already possible. You can get from 0 to a working serverless URL for a containerized app in no time. Till now there was nothing that married the goodness of serverless with container's ease. Cloud run also makes deploying new versions very easy with its web interface. This talk will be a run through of deploying and running a simple nodejs app on google cloud run in a matter of minutes. Geshan is a seasoned software engineer, with more than a decade of software engineering experience. Currently, in Sydney, Australia serving THE ICONIC as a senior software engineer. He has a keen interest in REST architecture and microservices. He is actively involved with the developer community in his hometown Kathmandu, Nepal. He occasionally blogs in his free time. 2nd speaker: Simon Waight - https://blog.siliconvalve.com/speaker-bio/ Customised Serverless with Containerised Azure Functions and Kubernetes. In this session we’ll look at two serverless-related topics: 1) Building your own customised Azure Functions image using Docker, and how to use it in your resulting Azure Functions environment. 2) Take a look at the Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) capability that Microsoft is developing in conjunction with Red Hat. KEDA introduces a native source-aware event-triggers to Kubernetes using the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) to deploy and scale Azure Function containers, including scaling to or from zero instances. Further speaker details to follow shortly.

  • June Edition, Sydney Serverless

    Arq Group

    Arq Group have kindly invited us to their World Square offices and Cloudflare are sponsoring the food and drinks. About Arq Group Arq Group, previously Melbourne IT Group, is Australia’s leading digital solutions partner. Arq Group is the dynamic space for smart thinkers. Creating unforgettable experiences, solving complex challenges, and providing seamless, end-to-end solutions – from design thinking to customer solutions, leading mobile, cloud and analytical insights, digital marketing to web design - Arq Group powers the growth of businesses, big and small. Speakers: Kas Perch, Cloudflare V8, Web Assembly, and Serverless: a new way of thinking about edge computing As we build more and more complicated applications on the web, we need new and better ways to solve more difficult problems. Web assembly presents an interesting way to allow the browser to tap into other languages, like C and Rust, to create application features. But does that mean JS is on its way out? How does WebAssembly actually make a difference? And is it a browser technology, or can it be used to change the way we think about serverless application development? Kas Perch (they/their/them) is a Developer Advocate at Cloudflare by day, and a Twitch Code/Hardware streamer, IoT author, and gamer by night. They love talking about serverless architecture, Web Assembly, IoT and its implications, and a myriad of other topics. They'll also totally show you a million pics of their 2 cats if you let them. Tim Obezuk, Cloudflare Testing code at the edge Demonstration of how to unit test worker code both locally on developer machine and on Cloudflare based off these two posts: https://blog.cloudflare.com/unit-testing-worker-functions/ and https://blog.cloudflare.com/unit-testing-workers-in-cloudflare-workers/ Tim Obezuk is a Solutions Engineer at Cloudflare, based in Melbourne, Australia. Tim works closely with Australian organisations to make the internet better for everyone by guiding the implementation of Cloudflare's global Anycast network and suite of CDN, smart-routing, DNS and Serverless application services. Before this he worked as a DevOps Engineer building scalable web applications leveraging serverless, containerized, and edge technologies. Rich Buggy, piiq Digital AppSync in the real world AppSync is a serverless GraphQL service by AWS. Introduced at re:Invent 2017 it allows you to quickly build a serverless GraphQL API. In typical AWS style it gives you complete control over the backend data sources where most backend as a service solutions act like black boxes. In this talk I'll cover the basics of AppSync, how we use it as the backend to behind our smart mirrors for hair salons and what we've learned running it in production. We are up on level 23.

  • May Edition, Sydney Serverless

    MongoDB Australia

    MongoDB have kindly offered to host us this month. 1st Speaker: Sam Harley, Senior Solutions Architect at MongoDB Expedite the Development Lifecycle with MongoDB & Serverless Learn about the modernisation of application development using a modern database with serverless compute. In this session, learn how to quickly build a website or mobile application backed by MongoDB and utilising serverless capabilities. We’ll add features and functionality with lightning speed, showing a toolset designed for increasing your productivity as a developer and enabling you to focus on building product-differentiating code. Sam joined MongoDB in 2017 and, in his role as a Senior Solutions Architect, he helps customers drive MongoDB adoption and provides users with best-practice advice and guidance to design, build and implement reliable, scalable applications powered by MongoDB. Speaker 2: Tane Oakes – Enterprise Architect – TEG Ticketek’s journey of moving to a serverless first approach that allowed an acceleration in infrastructure automation within DevOps that once we started exposing exposing automation to the business it fundamentally changed the way that business users could take control of the platform. Tane Oakes is the Enterprise Architect of TEG, Asia Pacific’s leading ticketing, live entertainment and data analytics company. Tane is responsible for software development and architecture across Ticketek Australia, New Zealand and Asia, which together make up the region’s premier ticketing technology and digital marketing company with annual sales of 28 million tickets and a database of more than 14 million customers. Tane has been with TEG for over six years and has over 20 years’ experience within the technology disciplines of software development and architecture. During his time with the organisation, he was the Architect of Ticketek Ignition, a transformative technology program developed for Australia and NZ that enables Ticketek’s clients to more seamlessly integrate with its systems. He has also been instrumental in the successful delivery of the organisation’s cloud-first strategy from the private hosted data centre into AWS and Google Cloud Platform, as well as being part of the team at TEG focused on delivering platform growth into Asian markets. See you all on Thursday!

  • Valentines Day Serverless MeetUp - Jeff Hollan - Azure Functions Program Lead

    Sydney Serverless MeetUp Special Valentines Day Event! <3 We are excited to announce that Jeff Hollan will be in Sydney to answer your questions on Azure Functions in our exclusive AMA. Jeff Hollan started his career at Microsoft in IT. After spending a few years managing and building enterprise applications, he transitioned to be an engineering program manager inside of Microsoft Azure. Currently he works as a Sr. Program Manager for Serverless Azure Functions. He is always developing and shipping solutions on the latest and greatest tech, and is passionate about speaking at conferences around the world. Food and drinks will be provided. Agenda (So far): 6:00pm - 6:30pm - Doors open, grab a drink / pizza, meet cool people 6:30pm - 7:30pm - Jeff Hollan AMA 7:30pm - 8:00pm - Network and help us finish off drinks 8:00 pm - Doors close Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  • October Serverless Meetup, Sydney


    Speakers for the night are: Rowan Udell from Versent will be talking about Serverless Testing. He'll cover the whys and hows of testing serverless applications. You can check out Rowan's bio here: https://blog.rowanudell.com/about/ Simon Waight will be talking about Azure Serverless for Java Developers. Come along and learn how to write, deploy and debug Java-based Azure Functions with the new v2 Azure Functions runtime. Learn about how you can build your own custom bindings for Functions to increase their utility in your environment. You can check out Simon's bio here: https://blog.siliconvalve.com/speaker-bio/ This month's meetup is being sponsored by Versent who are providing the venue, food, and drinks. Versent's Sydney HQ is located at Level 6, 6-10 O'Connell Street, Sydney. You can get there by taking the lift up to Level 6 from either the O'Connell or Bligh Street entries to the building.

  • August Serverless Meetup, Sydney


    Welcome to the August edition of the Serverless meetup. Talk #1 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice - Stefano Picozzi: Learn how step functions, graphql, serverless.com and the AWS Cloud can make for fine friends. This session will cover how the four came together to help build out a serverless solution to use cases such as orchestrating workflows across loosely associated actors. ~~~~~ Stefano provides Cloud architecture services as the principal consultant at Emergile. He is ex Red Hat and Netscape amongst others. See https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanopicozzi/ Talk #2 Local testing and development with the AWS SAM CLI Adam will take us through SAM CLI, a developer tool for testing AWS Lambda functions and Amazon API Gateway REST endpoints in your development environment for fast, iterative development. ~~~~~ Adam Larter (Principal Solutions Architect, Developer Specialist @ AWS) Talk #3 Learn lessons from building a “serverless” smart assistant for software development teams and professionals. Learn about development, testing, deployment, security and other aspects of production Serverless TypeScript application on AWS that connects with Slack, Github and other services. ~~~~~ Leo is an end-2-end software engineer who helps launch startups for corporate clients at BCG Digital Ventures. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lkyrpychenko/ https://medium.com/@distributedleo Looking forward to see you all there on Thursday!

  • June Serverless Meetup, Sydney


    We're excited to bring you two great speakers for the evening! Speaker 1 - Simon Waight Serverless Container Hosting and Orchestration on Azure. In this Serverless-or-bust session we'll see how Azure Container Instances (ACI) along with the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) can make the hosting and orchestration of containerised workloads in Azure easier than explaining why serverless tech still requires actual servers. https://blog.siliconvalve.com/speaker-bio/ Speaker 2 - Gabe Hollombe, Technical Evangelist, AWS How Serverless Helps Startups Innovate and Scale In this session, I'll introduce serverless computing and show how startups are innovating and growing with serverless architectures thanks to continuous scaling, built-in high availability, integrations with AWS, and sub-second metering pricing. I'll cover example use cases showing how to leverage serverless tech for apps and services, data analytics, and streamlining the software development workflow. I'll also demo a highly available, massively scaleable serverless powered photo contest that processes data in realtime with AI. I'll also introduce folks to the broad portfolio of AWS services that help us to build serverless applications with Lambda, including Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, and more. --------- We're getting the band back together again and this time it will be even more awesome than the first time. We've got some exciting serverless stories to share with you from some great local speakers here in Sydney. Please bring along plenty of enthusiasm and some great questions - we're looking forward to it being a fun filled night! PS: if you would like to speak or if you know of someone who would like to, please get in touch as we are always on the look out for great speakers!