What we're about

This is a meet up for everyone who loves table top board and card games.

What do we mean by table top games? Contemporary games that fall within the German or Euro Style, and games of the style often played on Web Series TableTop, usually games that sit within the top 1000 games in Board Game Geek.

This means we are not talking about your classic family games like Monopoly or Scrabble, we are not talking about hearts, solitaire, or poker either. If you do like these games, feel free to come along and try some new ones.

Current popular games can be found by checking out our instagram account Behold Games (https://www.instagram.com/beholdgames/)

We play for fun, not for competition, and we love playing new games. If you are new to a game, we are happy to explain rules to you before we play.

Please take a moment to read the code of conduct (http://www.meetup.com/Sydney-Tabletop-Games/pages/Code_of_Conduct/) found in the files section of this facebook group!

Your group Moderator is Teena Hanson.

Hopefully we'll see you soon :)

- Teena

PS. You can also check us out on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SydneyTabletopGames/), instagram (https://www.instagram.com/beholdgames/) and join our board game geek Guild (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/2516).

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Friendly Board Game Night (Beginner Friendly) - $9 (8.19 + 10% GST)

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Fhis event we meet for a friendly, fun and relaxed games night. A small selection of games from our games library will be available at this event, but please also bring any game you wish to play and let everyone know in the comments, due to the lower attendance cap pre-organising games in advance is encouraged. Games Library - You can find a link to the list below, if you want a particular game to be in attendance please request this in the comments of this event https://beholdgames.com.au/pages/games-library New players, feel free to introduce yourself as new to the group via the comments as well! When you arrive I'll try to find you the best group to play in to ensure you have a fun first time at the group, but feel free to show interest in games in the comments - if you aren't sure or feel overwhelmed by the games on offer just ask! Cost - To cover event organisation, venue hire, insurance, and games library and equipment costs it will be $9 per person (. Cash payments not accepted. Payments must be made via PayPal (using credit card or your PayPal account) at the time of event RSVP and are non-refundable (except where the event is cancelled or rescheduled). What is beginner friendly? Beginner friendly is more of an attitude than limiting you to the 'easy' games. It is standard that anyone who teaches/brings a game will run through rules before playing so even if you're not familiar with the games we play, just let the person teaching the game know your skill level and the players will all chip in to help you out if you want help. We are a friendly and non-competitive group, and this is reinforced through the Code of Conduct we abide by. Please note some key event and venue rules: - The venue is a registered club, however there are two entrances to the venue - one allows you to enter the event space without going through the registered club, and the other does. If you wish to consume food or drink from the venue you must register with the club. - Most Social Deduction games are banned. - Stay home if you're sick. NO REALLY STAY HOME IF YOU'RE SICK. - No entry to the room before the event start time. This is to enable set up and other activities to occur. - RSVPing is essential - due to strict space limitations if you have not been marked as able to attend, you will be turned away. If you do not show up when you have been marked as attending you will be removed from the group. Additional COVID-19 precautions: - STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK - Hand sanitiser will be available and use is encouraged - The venue has required that I ask everyone to sign in at the venue or the room - you will need to have the ServiceNSW app installed to do this - RSVPs mandatory, no exceptions.

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