Security for Non-Security Engineers with Abhijeth Dugginapeddi

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Do you like web applications? Do you test them for normal bugs? Do you want to know if you could hack them? Wouldn't it be cool if you are able to find security bugs? Where to start| How to start | When to start? Most of your questions will be answered in this session. The speaker doesn't promise you to make best hackers of the world after this one hour talk but he guarantees that this talk might be a good start for you.

Abhijeth Dugginapeddi (@abhijeth) is an Application Security engineer at Commonwealth Bank (previously Adobe Systems, TCS and Sourcenxt), co-lecturer of the COMP6443 Web Security and Testing course at UNSW and a noted speaker at conferences such as DEFCON. Come along to learn more about web security and penetration testing, a high profile area of IT which will only gain in importance with new vulnerabilities and security scandals coming to light by the day. Not to be missed...