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This event is for Test Managers, Product/Software Managers, Development Managers, Leads those moving into Quality Coach roles under a Quality Assist model. Any or all who are involved in improving the Quality processes of their team. If your organization is undergoing change to a Quality Assist model, Shift-left or looking to improve processes

Time & Location
04 Feb., 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Level 2, 11 York Street, Room 1 Training Room


Many teams believe and accept that quality is a team responsibility, yet struggle to implement this approach at a practical level. A quality coach provides the necessary assistance and support to enable teams to adopt this strategy. The role of quality coach differs to that of test lead, and requires different capabilities and know how. For one, a quality coach, needs to be able to coach testers and non-testers alike, and rather than driving strategy they provide a space for the team to drive the testing strategy.

This one day workshop provides training on the fundamental skills and tools to introduce and implement quality coach initiative.


1. Create the Role of Quality Coach (Roles & Responsibilities)
2. Quality Attributes Workshop & Measurement
3. Quality Assistance for Software Developers
4. Coaching Software Testing
5. Running Software Testing Workshops

est Leads who want to become quality coaches

Test Leads are being asked to take on the role of Quality Coach where testing is performed by a whole team rather than the specialty role of a tester. This means test leads need to acquire a different skill sit. This course is designed to help test leads transition to a new role.


Learn the following:

• What is a Quality Coach and how it differs to Test Lead
• Skills required for Quality Coach
• Coaching skills
• Roles and Responsibilities of a Quality Coach
• Creating a Quality Coach Process
• Creating Quality Indicators

Duration: 1 day

Who is Anne-Marie Charrett?
Anne-Marie Charrett is an internationally recognized expert in software testing and quality engineering.

Keynoter at international conferences on the topic of Quality, Coaching, and Leadership.

Ex-Head of Engineering at Tyro Payments.

Consultant on Quality Engineering, developer of the quality operating model. Invented and rolled out a consulting model for quality engineering. Consulting across Government, Insurance, Banking & Telco Sectors

Creator and Lecturer of Enterprise Software Testing course at UTS Australia