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Hi there! Welcome to Sydney Volunteer Programmers, the meetup group of Code.Sydney!

Code.Sydney is an active community of volunteer programmers learning together. Code.Sydney is a business model where beginner programmers can progress from doing self-initiated projects to doing professional real-world projects.

Please visit http://www.code.sydney to learn more about the community group.

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Learn to code at your own pace

Needs a location

Firstly, this is not a meet up invite. This is a running invitation to anyone who wants to learn web development from scratch. This is purely online, no set time and not face-to-face. You can study in your own free time and the mentors will try their best to respond to any of your queries whenever possible via our slack channel or youtube videos. We are a believer of Free Code Camp (http://www.freecodecamp.org/). We believe that anyone can learn how to code. However, finishing Free Code Camp takes time, lots of time. =) Rate of failures in Free Code Camp is high. We came across a blog which reflects typical roadblocks while doing Free Code Camp and the writer has sound advice for those who want to enter the world of coding. Have a quick read of his blog at https://medium.com/@tavillo1980/failing-at-free-code-camp-d593d3001838 Code.Sydney is constantly looking for ways to make Free Code Camp a success story in Sydney. We thought that establishing our own blog with the curriculum included may help promote targeted collaboration among trainees and mentors thereby increasing the possibility of completion. Please visit our site at http://www.freecodecampsydney.org/. Hope you can join us.

Invitation to publish your pet project in appforgrabs.com.au

www.appforgrabs.com.au is managed by Code.Sydney. It is a portal for beginner programmers and beginner data scientists alike to showcase their project to a wider audience. Some of you may want to monetize your project, we can do it together and we make sure you get 90% of all revenue. =) If you have any project(app or data-related) that you wish to publish in appforgrabs.com.au (regardless of the programming language/technology you used), let us have a quick chat at the foyer of 20 Bond St near Wynyard station. If you are not able to come to the city, you can also email me at [masked] to express your interest to publish your work. Cheers!

5-Week Rapid Python Web Development Course

Needs a location


This 2019, we thought of adding more tribes in Code.Sydney who can possibly contribute newly-developed apps to appforgrabs.com.au. We thought the best way to achieve this is to train some interested individuals on rapid web development. Target Audience: Beginner Level Limit: 5 Attendees only Delivery Method: Combination of online and face-to-face Effort required: At least 1 hour per day for 5 weeks online and 2 hours face-to-face meetup every Sunday. Course Outline: Week 1: Introduction to Python Day 1 - Setup Python, PyCharm, Git, GitLab Day 2 - Why Program? - Variables, expressions and statements - Conditional Execution Day 3 - Functions - Loops and Iterations Day 4 - Strings Day 5 - Lists - Dictionaries - Tuples 10 March Sunday (10AM-12PM) face-to-face meetup Week 2 Flask Day 1 - Flask Basics Day 2 - Templates Day 3 - Database Day 4 - Setup MySQL, Workbench Day 5 - App Development 17 March Sunday (10AM-12PM) face-to-face meetup Week 3 Flask Day 1-5 - App Development 24 March Sunday (10AM-12PM) face-to-face meetup Week 4 Flask Day 1-5 - App Development 31 March Sunday (10AM-12PM) face-to-face meetup Week 5 Deployment Day 1-3 - App Development Day 4-5 - PythonAnywhere Deployment 7 April Sunday (10AM-12PM) face-to-face conclusion Course Fee: A$129 (Course fee already includes a paid Flask online material worth U$39)

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