Reactive UI and Xamarin Test Cloud


Reactive UI - It's Pretty Neat

Brendan Forster

ReactiveUI is an MVVM framework designed to write testable mobile and desktop applications in C#. But this isn't a sales pitch.

In this talk Brendan will go through the soup to nuts of what functional reactive programming is, why you should care, the inspiration behind ReactiveUI and how to use Reactive Extensions and ReactiveUI in your apps.

That's a lot to cover, but hopefully we can even touch on some Xamarin development during this talk.

Brendan is a recovering web developer and currently does a bunch of Windows stuff at GitHub. He has a neglected blog at and writes silly things over on Twitter at @shiftkey (

Lightning Talk: Genymotion

Craig Woollett

Mobile Testing with Xamarin.UITest and Test Cloud

Glenn Stephens, Xamarin University Trainer

How do you check that your application works on a wide range of devices? How can you perform automated testing to make sure your apps are ready and usable on a wide range of devices?

We'll look at how to beat your fragmentation blues and make sure your apps look and behave as they should on as many Android and iOS devices as possible by writing automated tests with Xamarin.UITest and then performing those tests on Test Cloud.