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Gathering of Elders:
Ancestral Contact & Healing No matter what your life has been like until now, and as remarkable as it may seem, there truly is a part of you that can: Meet each day with complete confidence that there's nothing to fear, ever! Love fully and without reservation Always know the right thing to do Overcome any problem life tosses your way Be propelled by the endless force and power of the present moment If you have yet to realize such splendid bounties in your life, it isn't because these treasures aren't real, or that they aren't fully available to you in all their creative energy. It just means that you haven't yet found their hidden source within yourself! Next Gathering of Elder's Gathering topic: TBD Each month we offer one or more special blessings for the physical and spiritual journey. Each month’s offer is a unique opportunity that is available for a limited time. This month we are offering: Divine Gratitude All skill levels welcome. Please find parking on the street. Gathering of Elders is a donation day Led by Master Teacher, Healer and Shaman Allyn Marshall Sims ( ) Additional Soul Evolution Healing System Services In exchange for your rating & a post in the comments section of this class: I will give you a . . . • Divine Couple Soul Evolution Healing System: Divine Ancestral Healing Blessing (includes Clearing of Blockages, Protection and Soul, Mind, Emotion, Body Uplifting) Reg $100 Reduced to FREE in exchange for your post in the comments section of this class.

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Eons ago, the Human Realm lost its way. Humans were exploited, bullied, and setup to be enslaved. Fortunately not all beings wanted to take advantage of the young Humans. Norse and Celtic Gods and Goddesses worked with the Elven King and Queen to provide the young humans with Natural Wisdom teachings. They established a physical line of decent for higher level teachings within the Human Realm. They hoped this would counter the forces preventing Humans from accessing this Natural Wisdom. This wisdom was oriented around collective European traditions. It was set in motion to always have a way for Humans to come back to their senses…to come back to nature.

Join Allyn Sims as he continues this lineage.

Come join us as we explore the The Elder Northern tradition of Shamanism. This ancient spiritual system of thought founded upon the knowledge, beliefs and practices of ancient European cultures. The Elder Northern tradition of Shamanism is an ancient spiritual system of thought founded upon the knowledge, beliefs and practices of ancient European cultures, generally those north of the Alps including Eastern Russia, westward to Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland and Iceland and their descendant cultures in the Americas. It is a world-class spiritual tradition distinct from the Asian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman traditions. It was completely suppressed during the European Middle Ages but its core teachings survived nearly intact in remote northern villages and especially in Iceland. The Northern tradition is a culture-wide experience, meaning that those who experience life within the larger matrix of the North American culture will benefit from this knowledge regardless of your ethnic origins or religious affiliations.

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