Easing our Emotions into our Spiritual Path (Part 4)

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Shamanism is the first form of spiritual practice and discovery in the world. Elder Northern European Tradition is most likely the least known of all the worldly spiritual practices.

This four week course will investigate our spiritual foundation for working our emotional energies and our pain body.

This Series is an exploration and initiation into the Emotional Work of the Spiritual Path. We will look into the emotional orientation of our Pain Body and employ practices to obtain a deeper understanding of our suffering and our way out of the feelings we are striving to move through.

Each class in this series will focus on one of four different aspects of our emotional work.

$20 per class

Cash & check accepted at location.

Led by Master Teacher, Healer and Shaman
Allyn Marshall Sims


In Allyn's workshops you will:

*Accelerate your transformation at every level of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – beyond what you have believed was possible.

* Receive powerful blessings.

*Direct energy purely by intention to create the desired experience.

*Release blocks which prevent you from manifesting your true nature.

*Directly experience the love of the God & Goddess within you.

*Become connected in a very deep way with sacred guidance: faeries, other world guides and your Higher Self.

*Use Shaman teachings to enhance other abilities you may have acquired in the past or might obtain in the future (such as Reiki, NLP, visualization, meditation, etc.)

* Prepare yourself to go on to advanced work if desired. (But at no time will you ever be pressured to do so.)