• Symfony 4 and 3.4 LTS are here


    November will be a month of new big Symfony releases. Let's have a get together for drinks and talk about how you are using Symfony (can be about the new releases / features but not limited to). The concept is lightning talks. Please get in touch so we can add your case: ot: Bottom-Slot 1(top) size: 4GiB We already have 3 cases: - Hypotheek.winkel command bus pattern, eID integration, custom rules engine (Intracto) - Havep.com Drupal 8 that uses Sylius as a data transition layer (Intracto) - Sofialearn.com big online educational platform from Acco, built on Symfony (Intracto) The bar is open open at 19:00. We have sandwiches. Presentations start at 19:30.

  • Sylius v1.0.0 release party


    Sylius 1.0.0 stable will be released on 13 september (international programmers day). We'll be having a party at the Intracto office. You are all welcome for drinks. There will be cake! Please join us to have a nice chat. ps: there will also be people playing boardgames that night. If you are into that, that might be a bonus for you

  • Containerized microservices + Symfony 3.3

    19:30 Continuously delivering containerized, highly available microservices with proper context boundaries and messaging integration, deployed to servers in the cloud - Matthias Noback Let’s have some fun while we entertain the idea that maybe - just maybe! - a microservice architecture would be a great fit for our (next) project. After all, we're almost past the microservices hype. It's time to prove that this can work! Starting from the premise that a microservice architecture is only viable if we focus not only on the speed of change, but also improve the safety of change, we can learn a lot from the early adopters who have already scouted large parts of the unknown territory before us. Tools and platforms are maturing pretty fast too, so it’s safe to assume that we are now (almost) past the peak of impediments. Let’s start enjoying those microservices! Matthias Noback (https://twitter.com/matthiasnoback) has been building web application since 2003. He is the author of A Year With Symfony (https://leanpub.com/a-year-with-symfony/) and Principles of Package Design (https://leanpub.com/principles-of-package-design/). Currently he is working on his newest book Microservices for everyone (https://leanpub.com/microservices-for-everyone/). He is a regular speaker (http://php-and-symfony.matthiasnoback.nl/talks/) at conferences and regularly posts on his blog (https://php-and-symfony.matthiasnoback.nl/). While always striving for better programming practices in general, he’s taken a special interest in application architecture, Domain-Driven Design, testing, microservices and application integration patterns. 20:30 An overview of features you are missing out on in the latest LTS release - Gerry Vandermaesen Is your organisation sticking to the Long Term Support versions of Symfony? You might be missing out on a bunch of interesting new features. In this talk Gerry will give some background on Symfony's release process and versioning policy and go through the pros and cons of sticking to LTS releases. Even more interestingly, he will give an overview of the new features you have been missing out on since the release of Symfony 3.0 (and up to Symfony 3.3). Gerry Vandermaesen (https://twitter.com/gerryvdm) is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer and SensioLabs Certified Symfony Developer, currently working for Devoteam (https://twitter.com/Devoteam) as a consultant.

  • Symfony Coding Party #1

    Betacowork / ICAB

    Dear Symfonians, Welcome to the first Symfony Coding Party! What is it? It is a Coding Party! For whom is it? For any php coder, from symfony newbies to symfony experts. What will we do? We will code during 5h. Anything. Everything. How will we do it? Everyone brings his laptop. It is not necessary to arrive at 17h sharp, but be aware that we have to leave the room at 22h. Why should you come? If you are new to symfony, to learn how to begin with it. If you are fluent in symfony, either to help or to get help. And if you are an expert, just come to share your knowledge or to share a beer. Your choice. Don't come alone, bring friends with you that would like to discover symfony or share their knowledge about it! Best regards, The SUGB Team This meetup is made possible by the sponsoring of Betacowork (http://www.betacowork.com/) and ICAB (http://www.icabrussel.be/):

  • SUGB: Reusable Symfony bundles / OWASP 10 - Leuven

    Register on PHP Leuven Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/PHP-Leuven-Web-Innovation-Group/events/229052496/ 19:30 Creating reusable Symfony bundles Creating new Symfony (https://symfony.com/) bundles is easy, but creating reusable bundles is a bit more difficult. In this talk Kristof will walk you through some best practices for creating bundles and give you some guidelines to make your bundles as extendable/reusable as possible. The knowledge he will share is gathered while maintaining the open source KunstmaanBundlesCMS project, which is build on top of the Symfony full stack framework. Kristof Jochmans (https://twitter.com/jockri) is an experienced web developer working for Kunstmaan, a communication agency in Leuven and has been building websites for over 10 years. About 4 years ago he started working with the Symfony Framework, and that is still his main weapon of choice for building large enterprise web applications. 20:30 OWASP 10 Web Application Hardening In our modern always-connected society, web application hardening is a very important topic for every webdeveloper. There are lots of different types of attacks used by malware to bypass the existing security controls in your web application, and the battle against these attacks is an ongoing battle in an ever-changing field. Erwin Geirnaert (https://be.linkedin.com/in/erwingeirnaert), co-founder of ZIONSECURITY (https://twitter.com/zionsecurity), is a well-known security expert in application security. He will talk about theOWASP Top 10 (https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_Top_Ten_Project) and how you as a developer can protect your application against such attacks. He knows what countermeasures the industry develops to protect web applications, also as how malware is being developed to bypass these solutions.

  • SUGB #12 - The Force Awakens

    Betacowork / ICAB

    Dear fellow Symfonians, The meetup is back! And this will be an awesome year! Let start it by a good old 2 conferences format. It will happen in Brussels, at the ICAB and food will be provided. More information to come. • 19h00 : Arriving of the participants • 19h30 : Howto: Scale Symfony with multiple servers - Jean-Christophe Cuvelier • 20h15 : Chips and drinks and networking This meetup is sponsored by the Betacowork and Pictawall.

  • SymfonyCon Get together

    Folies Bergère

    Hello, Symfonians! The SUGB has been very quiet this past few months, mostly because your devoted servants where quite busy on their projects (sorry for that). What else than drinking a good beer during the SymfonyCon beginning of December to motivate our troupes? We'll fix the exact Rendez-Vous point during the event which is happening at Les Folies Bergères. For those who are not going to the SymfonyCon, don't worry, if not by the end of year, we promise you that we'll be back at least by the beginning of 2016! Best regards, For the SUGB Team, Jean-Christophe Cuvelier

  • Symfony UGB June: Summer starts now!

    Jan Breydelstadion

    Fellow Symfonians, Summer is arriving in Belgium and with it a new Symfony meetup. We're very happy to announce that Stardekk is hosting our June edition in the Jan Breydelstadion in Bruges. Schedule 19h00 Welcome 19h30 1st talk: Building maintainable (Symfony) applications - by Wouter Sioen 20h30 Break 21h00 2nd talk: Vim for PHP Developers 21h45 Social Talks Building maintainable (Symfony) applications - Wouter Sioen Everyone knows the feeling of looking back at his own code after a year and wondering how to do that specific change the client requested. This talk will cover some ways to make your code more maintainable, both by yourself or by other developers. It will contain a broad range of tips containing pre-commits, testing, object calisthenics, continuous integration and more. Vim for PHP Developers - Ike Devolder Why on earth would you use Vim for PHP development with all those shiny IDE's out there? Well, Ike's going to tell us why :) Do you wanna talk about a very cool Symfony bundle, a project you are working on or something completely different? Get in touch via the contact button on your left. Thanks a lot Stardekk (https://www.stardekk.com/) for hosting this meetup and providing the wonderful venue!

  • Symfony UG Belgium: Where are my easter eggs?

    Nascom Antwerp

    Hello our dear symfonians! Our next user group meeting will be hosted by Nascom (http://www.nascom.be/) in Antwerp. Our speakers are lined up and ready: Schedule 19h00 Welcome 19h30 Solving Highly Connected Data problems with the Neo4j Graph Database - by Christophe Willemsen 20h30 Break 21h00 Deploying your Symfony application using capifony - by Jan De Coster 21h45 Social Solving Highly Connected Data problems with the Neo4j Graph Database - by Christophe Willemsen We live in a connected world. There are no isolated pieces of information, but rich, connected domains all around us. Only a database that embraces relationships as a core aspect of its data model is able to store, process, and query connections efficiently. While other databases compute relationships expensively at query time, a graph database stores connections as first class citizens, readily available for any “join-like” navigation operation.During the presentation, you'll discover what is a graph and a graph database, which problems it can solve, how to query it with Cypher, an expressive query language tailor made for graph queries and how to implement it easily in the Symfony Framework. About Christophe Willemsen Christophe worked almost 14 years as software engineer for maritime industries and at the NATO. He is now a Neo4j consultant, trainer and developer at GraphAware, the world's #1 Neo4j consultancy. He helps companies of all sizes being solving highly connected data problems and being successful with the Neo4j graph database. Among eating graph everyday, he has a passion for dogs, especially Great Pyrenees and the community of dog breeders. Deployment with Capifony - by Jan De Coster How do you deploy your symfony app to a single/multiple server-setup? A shell script? Perhaps a git pull on the server? There are tools out there that can automate the deployment process and in this talk we focus capifony, learning how to make it useful for your application. We'll go over the basics, the setup, the execution flow, the quirks and how to extend the tool to make it fit your needs. About Jan De Coster Jan De Coster is a freelance backend developer and open source enthusiast. In his spare time he likes cooking, travelling and learning about new technologies. Thanks Nascom (http://www.nascom.be/) for being our hosts for this meetup.