Crime and Technology


We have two speakers at this month's event which will be looking at what criminals are doing with technology then seeing what the security services are doing.

Big thank you to Armadillo Sec Cyber Security Services for sponsoring the food and drink.

The rise of Cyber Crime

In this talk, Daniel Compton, Director of Armadillo Sec Cyber Security Services, will provide an overview of the common techniques used by hackers to gain access to personal and financial information from their victims. He will use live demonstrations to show a phishing attack, obtaining personal information and a webcam takeover.

It’s becoming increasingly important for individuals and organisations to be aware of and protect themselves against these frequent attacks and Daniel will provide advice on some simple security procedures that can be taken to safeguard against these cyber threats.

Automating Communications Data Analysis

In this talk, Joe Hoy, MD of Hertfordshire-based Forensic Analytics Ltd, provides an overview of communications data analysis, the digital forensics discipline that allows law enforcement agencies to gain an understanding of the communications activities of suspect’s mobile devices and the approximate location of those devices when calls were made.

These techniques have been used for almost as long as there have been mobile phones, but it has only been in the last few years that software has been developed to automated, and therefore speed up, the processing involved in dealing with this data.

Given the exponential rise in mobile device usage and the correlated surge in the amount and complexity of communications data that is available, automation has become a vitally important topic and Joe will demonstrate some of the help that FA’s data processing product, CSAS, provides to investigators.

There are parking spaces on the premises and it's only 5 minutes walk from Stevenage Train Station. We will provide free pizza & beer on the night.

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