What we're about

This Meetup will discuss and exchange ideas and stories on the phenomenon of Synchronicity [Meaningful Coincidence] and Flow, and how it can benefit us in the area of:

Personal well being and happiness

Productivity, Accomplishment and Abundance

Identifying and living into the greatest version of ourselves, our purpose, our destiny

Spirituality and connection to all things, a higher power, the Universe, the Source, God

We have all experienced what we thought to be a coincidence in our lives. You're thinking about someone or something and that person or thing shows up or calls. A song comes on at what seems to be the perfect and pertinent time. Like it's talking to you. The resources you need for a project or intention miraculously come your way. You keep seeing certain repeating numbers or symbols and wonder if there is something more than meets the eye, some deeper meaning or significance? Well, there is something more than meets the eye for sure, that I can attest to. I have compiled an overwhelming amount of "magical evidence" that once confronted with, I had to question the way I had been viewing the world, my part in it, spirituality and the existence of a greater power. All through synchronicity and flow.

Carl Jung, Albert Einstien, and more recently Professor Gary Scwartz, PHD, and Dr. Deepak Chopra and others have been discussing these phenomenon in depth. 17 years ago, before I knew or read the first thing about Synchronicity and Flow, I started to experience a barrage of synchronicities that had me wonder if I was going crazy until I realized that I was was having some kind of personal / spiritual experience or awakening if you will, allowing me the great privilege of witnessing and gaining insight into the nature of the universe, myself, human beings and consciousness. I was being exposed (bombarded is more like it) to the phenomenon of synchronicity, the "language of signs and coincidence", flow, and the great interconnectivity of it all. That we are "part of it all", creating or co-creating and manifesting our experience at every moment, instead of "being separate from it all" observing, reporting on and responding to the way that we "see it" which of course is the way we think it "really is". When we allow ourselves to be open to and follow the synchronistic events and "signs" that are happening all the time, we can get into the "flow" of life where life becomes magical, effortless, peaceful, inspirational, joyful and meaningful. You are connected to it all, infinite potentiality and knowledge, where you can access magic, passion, love; and can create & manifest a life that is consistent with the greatest version of yourself.

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to document the hundreds upon hundreds of synchronicities and events and observations as I was experiencing them. I am in the process of writing a book, starting a website / blog, and developing a course on synchronicity and flow. I want to share my stories and insights as a way of doing my part in the evolution of a more peaceful, loving, spiritual, inspired, responsible and cooperative human being and planet.

So, I created this Meetup where interested and inquisitive people can come together to explore this phenomenon, share their own synchronicity stories and insights, and learn how to better notice, understand and access synchronicity, flow and all their benefits.

I hope you'll join us and Be-In-Sync!

Synchronistically Yours,


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