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OpenStreetMap Get Out and Map James Street

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The idea is to get outside to collect some mapping data (on and around James Street) and to get some exercise. The mapping data is for OpenStreetMap ( which is a free open source map of the world.

If you're interested:

Show up to the space at 2:00PM on Sunday June 23rd Pair up in groups (unless you want to walk alone) Get an OpenStreetMap printout, clipboard, and pen or pencil Go for a walk, get some exercise, absorb some vitamin D (did you know you can't get vitamin D from a computer monitor?), and while you're out doing that collect some mapping data using the printouts.
Once your group has made it's way back to the Space it would be great if you added the data you collected to the Map. Most of the time editing the Map is easy to do but since some of you will be doing this for the first time we will have someone in the Space who can help if you have any questions.

You need a free OpenStreetMap account (

If you can bring a laptop to use to when you add your data to the map that would be great but if you can't we will have a few computers setup at the Space.

PS there will be no presentation

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