What we're about

This is group for anyone interested in participating in systemic constellations workshops in Cambridge, facilitated by Nicola Foster.

Systemic or Family Constellations is a systemic therapy from the work of Bert Hellinger, a German former priest and psychotherapist. It looks at our experience of life in the context of our wider family and cultural systems. Systemic constellation work offers a powerful and profound way of finding resolutions to often deeply felt issues.

Are Constellations only for family issues?

No. You can bring an issue that relates to career, romantic relationship, health or family. It's very possible that the constellation may unfold to look at the hidden family dynamics and systemic influences are influencing this area of difficulty that is showing up in your life wanting to be looked at.

What happens in a Systemic Constellation?

We will work in circle, with people presenting an issue they are working with, whilst others represent family members for issues holders, in service to them, (representatives) and some may simply be observing, or a combination of roles on the day. Together we will create and hold the field and trust that in the circle space that we co-create as a group, the work that emerges is what is needed for healing and that we all play our right part on the day, whatever that is.

Join us and keep informed about upcoming workshops happening in Cambridge and London.

These workshops are facilitated by Nicola Foster, who trained with the Centre for Systemic Constellations. Nicola trained originally as a coach, and is now in training as a therapist, specialising in relationships. She has been working with people and the themes of personal growth, relationship, career and purpose and finding ways through stuckness and towards greater happiness and healing since 2008.

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