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Have you ever felt that you were meant for more? Maybe it's a higher level of love, success, health, happiness, or abundance. Maybe it's just living life on your OWN terms.

Whatever your dream is, you probably faced some obstacles that seem insurmountable. You did everything you could -- read self-help books, watched the videos, attended the seminars -- and still, your experience in life is fundamental the same. What could be holding you back?

It might NOT be you.

If it was only you, then your challenges will be resolved by you already. There's something much deeper that is in conflict. It's the system that you are in. The system may be your family, your community, your company. If the system, if the ecosystem, that you are in is troubled, then it will affect you. As one of the members of the ecosystem, you pick up on the issues from other members without even knowing it! It happens at the subconscious or soul level.

Imagine a tree. When the roots are healthy, they absorb all the necessary nutrition for the tree to grow. When the family system is in a good order, love flows to us and success comes to us. When the roots are weak and tangled, the entire tree will suffer with poor leaves, flowers, and fruits. When the family system is stuck, life is a struggle.

The family system can be tangled from any unresolved trauma from past generations -- a grandfather's death in a war, a grandmother's misfortune, a father's financial lost, a mother's abortion. These unresolved problems trap the root of our well-being. Those forgotten past can eclipse our future. The stuck system can block us from the success, the health, the relationship, the career, and the finances that we want.

But, it doesn't need to be this way.

There is a solution. It is called Systemic Constellation, created by one of Europe's leading psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger. Systemic Constellation consists of Family Constellation and Business Constellation. It offers a re-solution and healing to the entire system, so that love and success can flow again. It restores the Orders of Love & Success. There is a way to untangle the trauma of the past. There is a way to resolve the unresolved of the generations before us. There is a way to unstuck the so that success and love can come, freely, through us. When the strength and support from our own system are available, we can create anything we want from life.

At most of the Meetups, I will be facilitating a Family Constellation or Business Constellation for my coaching clients. When you are ready, come and observe. It will be a very profound experience. Many members experience some shifts in their own system just by being there. You don't need any experience or background. Just your openness and curiosity.

Very much looking forward to having you! :)

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