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I was born in the French Alps and have always practiced outdoor sports.

The mountains are for me a place of resource and well-being.

I am a specialized educator by profession. In this context, I have been accompanying people during 15 years for activities in nature.

Married to a Taiwanese woman for 20 years, I have practiced my Chinese and have frequented the trails of Taiwan for many years. We came to settle in Taipei since 2016.

I started my company Green Taiwan two years ago, in the spirit of sharing this love an my experience of nature and offering courses that reveal the little-known beauties of the island.

I would like to develop outdoor activities open for all : athletes, young children, people with disabilities, whoever, let's enjoy to be together into the wild !

Wild world is a powerful place of learning ; it helps us develop our own abilities because it requires an effort to immerse ourself in it ; it refines our consciousness by the observations we do and facilitates social connections because we depend of each other when we are there.

I definitely favor the human adventure renewed at each start of a hike.

Wellcome to everybody !!

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