What we're about

Calling all talent acquisition aficionados, HR-lovers, and recruitment connoisseurs out there: welcome to Talent Acquisition Innovators community. We're on a mission to inspire and transform the future of hiring and what better way to do it than together.

The Talent Acquisition Innovators originally began as an active online community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/tainnovators/) of talent acquisition, recruitment, and HR professionals. Today we want to connect this community even further through real-time and in-person events.

The Talent Acquisition Innovators is a community (and now meetup!) for people who are:

• Open to learning and sharing their experience fearlessly.

• Looking to cut the nonsense and deep dive into real recruitment topics, not just explore hypotheticals.

• Wanting to break the mould, try something new in HR, and maybe ruffle a few feathers.

• Ready to not only network, but really engage with other recruiters, HR and TA professionals.

• Not afraid to share real insights, actionable tips, tools, and examples to make recruitment a better space.

As a community, we promise to always provide cold beers, top-notch speakers, helpful takeaways, and thought-provoking discussions.

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