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Let's go on a journey together to discover secret, hidden gardens and thoughtful places in the heart of London where the volume drops and the air is cool! ZEN is a silent meditation journey that helps you find peace, gives you time to think, and shows you that you are not alone. ZEN is a peaceful, epic, silent adventure, giving you the chance to just BE with other inspiring, supportive and thoughtful people.

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* UPDATE 2!* - To make ZEN as accessible as possible we have lowered the price of our tickets to just £3! ZEN Buddies still applies (see below), meaning you can join ZEN and bring a friend for just £3! :0)

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* To qualify for ZEN Buddies you will need to book a spot on a ZEN meetup, then email info@tanatu.com with your name and the name of your friend.

For more info on ZEN please check out our website!... www.tanatu.com (http://www.tanatu.com/)

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TANATU events always start in a secret place! To take part in ZEN you will need to follow your booking instructions to find our undercover TANATU Oracle, who will give you the secret key to finding the start location. From this point on the event is silent.

As sunset approaches, our ZEN journey begins and we walk through the city together, stopping at secret, hidden Zen gardens and special, thoughtful places along the way. The whole route is approx 4km in length and takes approx 90mins to complete, with plenty of peaceful thinking time.

Once our ZEN journey is complete participants are welcome to stay to chat and relax - perfect for digesting your thoughts and making new friends! (And sometimes we get noodles/ramen too!)

Yes! Think about every meetup or event you've ever been to... There is always some kind of pressure or expectation to be social and interact, and sometimes that's a great thing, but what if you just need some time? Some company? What if you just need to think? Or you don't know what you need to say? What if you don't speak the same language, or you're not socially confident? If you feel stressed or alone or unsupported then ZEN is for you... Or if you just want to take some time to think, then ZEN is for you too!

What should I wear? - - - Anything comfortable and warm! ZEN takes place around sunset, so bringing a jumper is a good idea. Comfortable shoes are a must.

Is it hard to find the Oracle? - - - It's easy! - You will receive all of the information you need once you have booked.

What happens if I'm late? - - - In some cases we are able to accommodate latecomers, but we are not able to guarantee it - please make sure you are on time!

We offer a limited number of places at each ZEN event, so unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on unused tickets.

Thanks for checking out ZEN - We hope you can come along and be a part of our TRIBE! If you know someone else who you think might find ZEN interesting or enjoyable, please share this page with them!


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