Hack 'n' Snack - Fun with Electronics, Hackster.

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Learn Arduinos & electronics or work on your pet project - you decide.

Hack n Snack is an open night in a supportive environment with peers and experts on hand to help out.

Would you like to create a party jacket that lights up when someone approaches? How about a planter box that sends you an email when it needs watering? Are intelligent robots or internet connected light bulbs more your thing? All this is could be possible as the amazing world of electronics is now within your grasp.

Hack n Snack caters for people at all levels;

1) Absolute beginners. Welcome! learn the basics of circuits, make things blink under computer control.

2) Using Arduino to read sensors for beginners. There will be a number of sensors to try. Making electronics aware of the world around them is the key to creating interactive gadgets. We will introduce you to creating gadgets using the Arduino and breadboard prototyping techniques (no previous electronics knowledge or soldering required)

3) Hack session for intermediate level and beyond. Bring along your current or stalled project to tinker with the help and advice of others.




A $5 recommended donation would really be appreciated (it helps us buy more materials). Some kit will be available for purchase - no obligation. Refreshments and finger food are provided.

Children under 16 to be accompanied by a responsible* adult.

* 'responsible' is a relative term. We just mean someone we can blame in case you set fire to yourself. We also have some rules, like "Don't be on fire." ;-)