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Sunday Vball
We play rain or shine. Remember if it is raining or overcast, you can call or text me what our game status will be. In most cases if we have to wait it out we will. [masked] We will be playing 5-10pm. Come and go when you please. Sand volleyball burns more calories than most sports including basketball. Another fun night of vball. If anyone needs to reach me i will have my phone on me the whole time. [masked]. For those of you who have been here before, you know how much fun it is. Wear something that will keep you cool while you play. We will be trying to use all the energy we have. All skill levels are welcome as long as you can serve over the net. If you are looking to improve your game, we'll be more than happy to help. please don't be intimidated. Our goal is not to be good but to have fun. We will be playing rain or shine. Within reason. Call me for updates if it is raining. [masked] **I warn you there is a bathroom but not one you'd prefer to use so go before you arrive** What to bring: something to drink or a snack if you want. dress to fit the water.

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Sometimes it is hard to truly encourage people of any skill level to continue to come out when they feel intimidated by more skilled players. So allow me to tell you more about my group. I formed this group as a result of joining a volleyball/ultimate Frisbee group that I didn't feel had the right leadership. After voicing my concerns to the organizer I told him that i was going to form my own group of mostly volleyball and to prevent conflict, we would play at a different location and at a different night. I was still new to meetup as his group was the only one i had ever been in and for merely only 6 months. He assured me he was OK with this decision that night. The following day, I received an email stating that he felt it was a conflict of interest and "when my group fails, I was welcome to come back". I'll never forget those words. To this day, my group is still standing strong.

On September 20, 2009 I formed TB FITS (Tampa Bay Fun in the Sun). I had almost no followers from the other group. I worked my butt off advertising and trying to get a following. Now, after 7 years I keep the same standards.

1. All ages are welcome. We have had members from the ages of 11 to 76..

2. All skill levels are welcome as long as you can serve over the net. Because of this most extremely skilled do not join us.

3. We are here to make friends, we have many social events throughout the year.

4. We are here to learn, our friendly members are more than happy to show you how to get better as nobody is expected to be good in the beginning and neither were we.

5. No drama. I have only kicked out one member since our inception. Since then he has been welcomed back.

6. We are not competitive. It does not matter if you win or lose. You will never here me say anyone is a loser or that anyone lost a game. Because we all have this opportunity to do something we love together, we are all winners.

Please feel free to look at our previous events and pictures. You will see that we form many bonds in our group and that this "volleyball" group is more than just a fun night once a week.

- Your organizer,


We will have a wide variety of events that people of all types can enjoy. If your athletic or just want to hang out there will be events for you.

Our events are volleyball weekly plus some other fun stuff. I have some great ideas that are not too costly that I'm anxious to start. My team have many ideas that I haven't seen many others do *thinking outside the box*.

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