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Group practice is a powerful way to deepen and expand the benefits of Thomas Hübl’s teachings from his online courses, workshops, and trainings.

All of the official practice groups are authorized by Thomas and are run by leaders trained in his methods. Leaders in Europe have completed a special practice group leadership training, or the Timesless Wisdom Training.

In the U.S. it is decided individually by Thomas and the practice group supervisor team in Germany who gets the permission to lead a group.


This meetup was a practice group led by Robert Brugger.

This practice group meetup has closed - check with Robert Brugger for the possibility to continue to meet with him outside this meetup setting


Are you interested in the possibility for something new to emerge.


Thomas Hübl - "I just needed this time to go somewhere inside to a silent place and do this every day regardless of what I had to do, this was an amazing support for me, because I felt that when I really go inside and I become more quiet, there is actually a space where I can receive answers to the questions that I have at that time. "



Thomas Hübl - When I get entangled in situations, when I get unclear in situations, I will have a tool to practice that helps me to find again kind of my center and find a new way of resolving situations.



Thomas Hübl - "we practice with each other, we get a chance to also get it wrong, to miss something and to have learning fields for mystical abilities... We heal with each other, we grow with each other, and we share an intersubjective intelligence with each other. My sense is that it is the beginning at least of a new cultural phase, where the transpersonal intersubjective intelligence will show us a new perspective all together that we all participate in."


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