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TCS In The Moment Improv Foundation Workshop
Here's where you begin your improv journey! Come and join other beginners and intermediate improvisors on Friday or Sunday in exploring this most fascinating of art forms. Improv will make you faster on your feet, a better listener, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Our Impro Foundation Program has weekly classes and a monthly weekend intensive afternoon class. Huw Lloyd takes the lead with the Friday classes, and TCS Director Chris Wells usually teaches once a month, with other members of the professional Improvazilla Show cast substituting when necessary. Workshops are held at Our Space studio in Hatagaya from 7-9pm, though we can go over a bit when the spirit of improv and size of the class require it, and cost ¥2,000. Please note there is a map to Our Space in Files under the More tab- written directions are below. Join us on FB: We work on improv techniques, from the fundamentals of character creation to the complexities of scene work. You’ll learn some of the games you’ve seen on TV or stage and how to play them well and tell great stories at the same time. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate improvisor, you'll find the classes challenging and fun! Students usually go to a nearby restaurant after the class to chat and get to know one another, so it's educational and social! :) The Improv Foundation Workshops are open workshops, so any native-level English speaker is free to come and give it a try. Continued participation is of course at the discretion of the instructor- so be positive and nice to your fellow improvisors! We strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance for all our students, regardless of minority status, and ask everyone to be respectful of each other. Check the Files page for lots of information on terminology, games, and more! Hope to see you at Our Space, Chris and Huw PS: Everyone gets lost the first time- use these directions and you'll be OK: You want the Keio NEW Line, or Toei Shinjuku Line, not the Keio-line. They both leave from the same platform at Shinjuku Station, so be careful! Make sure your train stops at Hatagaya. Ask someone if unsure- don’t be shy! (You can also catch the train from another station, as Shinjuku is the most difficult station in Tokyo to navigate, or walk 30 minutes from Yoyogi-Uehara, but you need a good map/GPS.) Take the North Exit of Hatagaya and turn left. You'll walk past a building with a drug store on ground level with a Saizeria Italian Restaurant in the basement, the next block has a UFJ ATM, you'll pass a Taiyaki/Fish cake shop on the corner of a shopping street - Our Space is in the next block. You'll see a pedestrian overpass next and the Our Space building is right in front of it, with a LifeVal Gas store/maintenance department on the corner and two parking spaces. Our Space is all the way down on the left of the driveway/shopping street that runs through the middle of this building. Mng. Director Shinji Kobata's cell:[masked] Toei Shopping Center 101Hatagaya 2-1-1 #101, Shibuya-ku Tokyo[masked] For Google or Apple Map searches:[masked] 東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷2−1−1 都営Shopping Center 101

Our Space

2-1-1 #101 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku · Tokyo


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About the TCS About the TCS Improv Workshops-

If you're reading this, you're thinking of taking the plunge and trying out this workshop. But I bet you're worried that you're going to have to be hilarious right off the bat, and that you'll be judged cruelly by your peers. Yikes! That's the nightmare scenario, and it might even be true at some workshops in L.A., but it's not the case at the with us!

Our main rule for the class is "Don't try to be funny- it comes later on its own." We focus on listening, accepting offers, and creating a story with a beginning, middle, and end, in a low-pressure environment. The work on recognizing negativity and the blocking of other's offers will change your life. You will be better, stronger, faster than before! No, seriously, it will. I'm not saying you'll hit enlightenment right off the bat, mind you... But it will help you be a more positive person, and one who listens to others before speaking. And that's gotta be a good thing, right?

*Note* Please use at least your REAL first name when you sign up to help us with organizing the workshop and learning your name. And a real photo helps, too. Thanks!

The TCS Improv Foundation Workshop Program has both weekday 2-hour classes (Fridays and one Thursday a month the day before the Improvazilla Show), and a monthly weekend intensive class, taught by Huw Lloyd and TCS Director Chris Wells, with other members of Improvazilla Show cast substituting when necessary. Improvisors have the opportunity to perform in a Student Showcase after every two months of classes.

The invitation-only Scenic Improv Workshop is for higher-level improvisors and actors, and is each Wednesday night from 7-9pm. It focuses on long-form improv with open scene work and narrative storytelling, though we also do some games each week because they're fun and instructive. We focus on narrative structure, character work, acting skills, space work, and finding the funny in the truth of a scene. Participants can perform in the Student Showcase at Our Space every six weeks. If you have improv experience and would like to apply for an experience exemption, head over to the L2 Workshop Meetup:

You'll find us at Our Space studio in Hatagaya:

TCS Workshop Facebook Page: ...

All native-level English speakers are welcome! And don't worry about your improv experience level- this is a class for all levels- from beginners to experienced players. If you aren't fluent in English this is NOT the class for you. Seriously. Go get fluent in English and come back then. This is about comedy, and communication is key.
I don't mean you have to be a native speaker though! We have several non-native speakers in the class who have no problem communicating in English and we love them. I just mean that if you want to take this class to "practice" your English, you should try something else. We want people genuinely interested in improv here.
Another option if you speak fluent Japanese would be to check out for excellent classes in Japanese taught by TCSj founder Jun Imai, author of several books on improv, and Japan's pre-eminent teacher of improv and acting.
Who takes this workshop? Anyone interested in unleashing their creativity, or getting over a fear of public speaking, or just people looking for a good way to de-stress after work and have fun. We get people from all walks of life: teachers, stock brokers, computer engineers, students, musicians, you name it!

What are you waiting for? Workshops are 1,500 yen, and we meet every Wednesday night, from 7-9pm at Our Space studio in Hatagaya. But check the schedule before coming! After the class, we order in pizza and have a drink at Our Space, which has a full bar.

-Student Theatresports™ and Maestro™ Showcase Show-

Every two months we have a show in which students who have taken at least six classes can get up and show what they've learned in front of a friendly audience of invited friends and family. A different mix of randomly chosen players join together for each scene in Maestro™, invented by Keith Johnstone, author of Impro for Storytellers, and one of our mentors. Or teams are decided on the night for Theatresports™, a faux competition show. It's a fun, relaxed atmosphere and everyone learns a lot while having a good time. And then there's pizza. For more details, check out the description on the show night!

-Improv Jam-alama!-

On occasion we have a 4-hour jam in which students can really burn through a bunch of scenes. This isn't a regular workshop, and it's 90% performance, so it's required that new improvisors to have at least 16 hours of instruction under their belts before they participate. That's two months of lessons- not too much to ask! It's a lot of fun and a great way to gain improv experience!

You'll find us at Our Space studio in Hatagaya: Workshops-

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