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Doubles Night @ McMullen
Players 18 years old and over come meet us at McMullen for a pick up game of doubles. This is a great way to practice and improve your doubles game. We will have designated hard courts for advanced beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. So find where you fit in according to your NTRP skill level and have a great time with friends. Find your NTRP Skill level here Here is a breakdown of the courts: Court 12 - Advanced beginner (2.5) Low intermediate (3.0) Court 11 & 10- Intermediate (3.0+ to 3.5) Court 9- Advanced (3.5+ and up) (There may be some adjustment to the courts depending on the amount of players) McMullen is Clearwater's best tennis complex and is open M-Th until 9:00 PM. A reminder that the court fees, for this meet up, range from $2.50 - $4.50 per player and will be for a 2 hour reservation. Court fees need to be paid for, inside the complex building, before walking onto the courts, Playing time will be from 7 PM - 9 PM. Please RSVP here so others can see who is coming, along with us being able to provide as many courts as possible. McMullen court availability will determine the amount of players for each weekly session. Tennis balls will not be supplied, so bring a NEW can! Hope to see you there! All Players Note: To eliminate wait times between sets and make play more efficient, this tennis meet up will be using the following format. We will be playing 30 minute time blocks for each set. THERE WILL BE ADD SCORING! (One exception will be NO ADD SCORING if a court is playing a 5 player rotation only). When each time block set has expired, ALL COURTS WILL STOP PLAY. The team ahead in the set score moves up one court and splits up. The other team moves down one court and splits up. The next time block starts immediately following the last. The set game scores may be a greater number than 6 games won. (Example 10-3, 9-4, 8-2, etc.) We will not be using the first team to reach 4 games won or 6 games won in a time block set. You continue to play until the set time expires. Upon the time expiration of the set, if both teams are tied at the same amount of games won, then the team with the most game points won in the present game being played breaks the tie. If there is a tie in the present game points, then ONE additional point will be played to break the tie. Both players move up from a court having only 2 singles players. IMPORTANT NOTE: An RSVP of (YES/going list) online will place your spot to play on this evening. There have been several players showing up to play without an RSVP of (on the GOING list). Please be aware that this will create problems in having the proper amount of courts reserved to accommodate all players in attendance. Players that RSVP (YES) and have a history of being a no show, subject their self to be bumped to the waiting list, once we have reached maximum capacity. You will also be skipped over by others in good standing that RSVP (YES) after you, as well as being removed from the group. IF HAVING YOUR TEXTING CAPABILTY DISABLED ON THIS SITE, THE HOST CANNOT DIRECTLY CONTACT YOU ON ANY PRIOR NO SHOW INCIDENT AND WILL THEN BE PLACING YOU AS NOT GOING IN FUTURE MEETUPS. These No Show rules will now be strictly enforced. If you cannot attend a meet up once you RSVP (YES) YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR RSVP TO A (NO / NOT GOING)! Which also includes WAIT LIST players. This Tennis meetup is now on notice with McMullen for reserving courts that are not being used. UNDERSTAND that the facility is turning away players outside of our group and if you choose to be a no show....these courts could have been used by other players privately! IF our reserved courts are available before 7pm, you may warm up on any court. At 7pm the event host will signal by whistle, or other communication, for all courts to stop hitting and disperse to your level ability court. Then start playing your set. Note: Set time clock starts ticking at 7pm. Each time set will expire on the whistle and the next will immediately start. LATE arriving players will fill in where an empty player spot is available at the time of arrival. These players interrupting an ongoing set with other players, such as a 2 on 1 set or singles, will be an automatic move down for the next time block set. If there are no vacant spots available on a reserved court, players that show up without (YES RSVP's on the GOING list), to the event hosts, subject their self to sit out until another player leaves play for the evening. NOTE: Players that RSVP (YES) and make it onto the (GOING) list, that pull out of the meetup 4 consecutive times, without making an appearance, will be placed on the waiting list behind players that make a more consistent appearance with the tennis group. These players once making a reappearance will be cleared of this procedure until another 4 consecutive pullouts. There have been a number of players voicing that they would prefer to have more notice and that the meetup is their priority plan. PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON MEETUP.COM TO SEND OUT EMAILS AND TEXTS TO INFORM YOU ON YOUR SIGN UP STATUS WITH THIS GROUP. ALL PLAYERS WILL NEED TO PERIODICALLY MONITOR THE ACTUAL LIST TO OBTAIN UP TO DATE STATUS. MEETUP.COM NOTIFICATIONS ARE AUTOMATED / SYSTEM GENERATED AND CAN BE EXTREMELY DELAYED. ALSO, PLAYERS THAT ARE STILL ON THE WAIT LIST, ON THE THURSDAY OF PLAY, NEEDS TO MONITOR THEIR STATUS PERIODICALLY AS WELL. DROP OUTS MOST OFTEN HAPPEN ON THAT THURSDAY OF PLAY! IF A WAITLIST PLAYER, AT A CERTAIN TIME OF THE DAY OF PLAY, NEEDS NOTICE TO BE PLACED ON THE GOING LIST AND HAS DECIDED NO LONGER TO WAIT IT OUT, PLEASE REMOVE YOUR NAME TO THE NOT GOING LIST. THIS WILL ALLOW ANOTHER WAIT LIST PLAYER BEHIND YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN THE GROUP. SORRY FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE. ALL PLAYERS' COOPERATION IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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