Tennis Meet'n In Dunedin

This is a past event

9 people went

Every week on Monday

Highlander Park

1998 Ed Eckert Dr · Dunedin, FL

How to find us

Look for TCS Tennis members on the courts by the kid's sprayground.

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Hey everyone! There has been a high demand for meetups in the Dunedin/Palm Harbor area. So here is a chance to get together and get a great workout. Highlander Park has 8 nice courts with lights. It is a public park, so there may be a wait to play. make sure you check the TCS meetup website to see who has RSVP'd.

Players 18 years old and over come meet us at Highlander Park for a pick up game of doubles. This is a great way to practice and improve your doubles game.

Please RSVP here so others can see who is coming, and for a group effort at securing as many courts as possible for our players.

All Players Note: To Eliminate wait times between sets and make play more efficient, this tennis meet up will be using a new format. We will be playing 25 minute time blocks for each set. THERE WILL BE ADD SCORING! (One exception will be NO ADD SCORING if a court is playing a 5 player rotation only). When each 25 minute time block has expired, ALL COURTS WILL STOP PLAY. The team ahead in the set score moves up one court and splits up. The other team moves down one court and splits up. The next time block starts immediately following the last. The set game scores may be a greater number than 6 games won. (Example 10-3, 9-4, 8-2, etc.) We will no longer be using the first team to reach 4 games won or 6 games won in a time block set. You continue to play until the set time expires. Upon the time expiration of the set, if both teams are tied at the same amount of games won, then the team with the most game points won in the present game being played breaks the tie. If there is a tie in the present game points, then ONE additional point will be played to break the tie. At each time block set expiration, a court that may be playing 2 on 1 (Australian Doubles), will draw from a bag of 3 tennis balls (event host will have) to determine which 2 players move up one court and which player moves down. If a court has a 5 player rotation these players will draw from a bag of 5 tennis balls to determine their move up and move down courts. The player serving at the end of the set draws first, then the next player in rotation and so on. Both players move up from a court having only 2 singles players.

If you cannot attend a meet up once you RSVP (YES) YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR RSVP TO A (NO).

This is a public park and we will start with the courts on the LEFT (nearest the playground) and if we have too many people signed up and not enough available courts on that side, we can scout the opposite side of the park to see if any of those court may be available also.

The event host will signal by whistle, or other communication, for all players to start and stop game play to rotate (again at every 25 minutes). Generally speaking, for the first 5 minutes of the 25, players may use up to 5 minutes for the time it takes to rotate players (move up/ down), and get refreshed with a drink etc. This will provide players with a good 20 minutes of play before the next rotation.

Players that show up without (YES) RSVP's, to the event hosts, subject their selves to sit out until another player leaves play for the evening.Hope to see you all there! Catch you out on the courts!

"practice, practice, practice...and when you finish, practice some more!" ~Anonymus