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TECH | The New Era focuses on how technology will develop after Covid-19 and the government responses to it. Lockdown has resulted in significant economic impact. Many Western economies have seen huge reductions in economic growth, with unemployment (and under-employment) inevitable. Some have suggested that nothing will be the same again. However, business people are incredibly adaptable. No consensus exists as to what the future for tech or society should look like. We try to uncover different perspectives - rather than the standard media narrative.

We'll be asking entrepreneurs, commentators, technologists and economists what they think.

Our next event will be an in-person debate on November 25th, 2021 in London - focusing on the ethics of Digital 'passports' and IDs. We'll have two speakers on either side of the debate and hope to have two high profile proposers.

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TECH | The New Era (http://www.techthenewera.co.uk)

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