What we're about

Tech4Biz, technology for business, is about Top Tips & Tools for everyone, from 7 to 77.

I want to share with you my Top day-to-day Tips & Tools that make work, and life, easier.

Afterwards, you, like I did as well, will say: 'They were here, in front of my eyes, and I never knew about them. Now I cannot live without them!'

Come and join. Bring your pc or tablet, and over a cup of tea we will go through some awesome tools.

You will personalise your favourite browser with :

- The websites or pages you most often visit (bank, children activities, train schedules, holiday calendar, cooking recipes, etc.) classified as you want, where you want

- The simplest web address (url) shortener to easily share any web or webpage via mail or in any other communication channel.

- A pair of magic scissors to copy, save or share a whole website or just a tiny detail of your screen

- The perfect time tracker for each and every task you do

- An easy to use sharing tool of pictures, articles or post, in just one clic.

- An almost secret way to benchmark a specific market, activity, company or person
and many more!

Open to women, men and children of all ages and languages but limited to 10 people, so join us, note it your calendar and feel free to come along with a friend or relative.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Tech4Biz.

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