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What we’re about

Are you a fan of TED? Do you enjoy watching TED Talks? Did you know we have a TEDx presence right here in Temecula? In 2012, Jim McLaughlin spearheaded the effort to secure a TEDx license for Temecula, with the mission of elevating the quality and frequency of conversation in our community. Each year since, a group of volunteers has organized and produced the annual TEDxTemecula conference, along with a handful of smaller events throughout the year. This Meetup group is a way for this TEDxTemecula family to stay connected, while inviting more interest and participation from the community. So if you are a TED fan, join us. If you haven’t heard of TED or you’re thinking TED is that foul-mouthed bear from the movies, then you should google “TED Talk” right now, watch one, and then join us. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the experience of TED and TEDx.