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TENTS & TRAILS is a all-accepting hiking and backpacking group, emphasis on backpacking. We will bring a sense of humor, maintain an ethic of equality, camaraderie, environmentalism and prioritize safety. We are looking to create a group of like-minded individuals who share our passion for the outdoors and commitment to inclusiveness. We intend to create a friendly atmosphere and enjoy each others company on outdoor adventures. We welcome ALL FABULOUS FOLKS and skill levels.


We are committed to creating a SAFE environment and will model safe trail and wilderness practices as well as refer people to the appropriate sources if desired. We also make sure that all of our volunteer wilderness trail & backpacking leaders have some level of wilderness first aid or equivalent expertise and experience. This DOES NOT make them liable in any way for your safety. It does help support a safe environment where everyone is more likely to come back in one piece with fun stories and pictures to share.

We believe in EQUALITY and expect everyone to be respectful, kind, open-minded and welcoming of others.

We want this group to feel intimate and fun, emphasizing CAMARADERIE. We commit to keeping the MeetUp group size manageable and we aim to create a place where people can develop long-standing relationships. We encourage feedback from members about what is working best and areas we can improve over time.

ENVIRONMENTALISM is also key. We will follow a strict Leave-No-Trace (LNT) policy where people are expected to pack out everything they packed in and the number of people on a trail at a time will be in alignment with safe and environmentally friendly policies. This is usually no more than 25 for day hikes and no more than 15 on backpacking trips.


Why the FEE you ask?

Meetup actually charges us to post this site. There are also the inevitable moments where someone has to cancel last minute or a trip gets canceled because of weather last minute and we absorb those costs. We ask for the fee so that we don't end up paying out of pocket for the site and planning costs. Other groups compensate for this by either by paying it personally, soliciting donations or inflating events costs. Currently (11/01/14) we only have about 35 paid members. As we grow and have more members, we aspire to put some of these funds towards providing incentives to our trail leaders. It's hard work to plan, reserve, organize and lead events (especially backpacking events). We want to be able to motivate and reward people so that they provide all of our fabulous members memorable and safe times in the wilderness. All funds collected will go back into the group. There is no profit to us whatsoever.

If you have financial constraints that make paying this difficult, just send us an e-mail. We are friendly and understanding folks.


So bring on your fabulous self and join in on the fun. Try it out for the first 60 days to see if you like it. If for any reason you don't, we will not take it personally. We do however welcome you to send us an email at Tents.Trails@Gmail.com about what deterred you so that we can take it in consideration as our group grows and evolves over time.

Hope to see you on the trails soon!

Your Group Founders and Trail Senseis

Sandy & Tara


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