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TF Blockchain connects the broader business and technology community with Blockchain innovators. Regardless if you are currently in Blockchain, investigating the technology, or simply want to learn, TF Blockchain provides a unique environment focused on advanced-level topics, interactive speaking sessions, and facilitated networking sessions; all to maximize your learning experience and optimize your connections made through our platform.

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TF Product Ep 03: Fireside Chat w/ Sean Hsieh

WeWork 1411 4th Ave

#Product, #Blockchain, and #Founders! We are hosting our 3rd TF Product Management event on July 24th over at WeWork Labs. I will be interviewing Sean Hsieh, Founder and CEO of Concreit. Sean was the Chief Product Officer and CoFounder of Flowroute, a West Company and led product through its acquisition. Sean and I will be discussing his role as CPO and what he learned that has led him to CEO of Concreit while leading product. Food and beverages will be provided. Thanks to WeWork Labs' Elizabeth Scallon and Aileen McGraw for hosting. Register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tf-product-cpo-to-ceo-fireside-chat-w-sean-hsieh-seattle-ep-03-july-24-2019-tickets-65276770578

Bytom Blockchain Devcon: Special TF Blockchain Event TF3.5

WeWork 1411 4th Ave

Announcing a Special Event! Popup Mini TF Blockchain Conference on July 24th WeWork Labs #Seattle. TF Blockchain and TF Product Management are collaborating with Bytom Blockchain on a special event featuring Fireside Chats with Sean Hsieh and panels discussing DeFi and DEX, featuring the team from #Bytom along with esteemed PNW Blockchain innovators. The event is Free and we'll be providing Food and Beverages. Register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tf-block-tf-product-special-event-with-bytom-tf35-tickets-65276770578

Ep 06: Gaming & Blockchain

WeWork 1411 4th Ave

Please check that you are attending in Meetup and make sure to also register on https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gaming-blockchain-tf-blockchain-seattle-chapter-ep-6-august-13-2019-tickets-62957829563 so that we can properly take count for food and beverage. Thank you TF Blockchain is hosting Episode 6 of our Seattle Chapter, Evening Event on August 13, 2019, held at WeWork Labs in Seattle. Our Evening Event Series bring the energy and learning of TF Blockchain Conferences to a monthly evening event. We start with facilitated networking, followed by interactive speaker sessions on advanced-level topics, and then conclude with facilitated networking initiated by our speakers. Event Topic: Payments & Blockchain Blockchain is an amazing technology with many use cases and with one interesting use case being gaming. There are a few different ways blockchain can be used in gaming. Gambling, a huge use case for blockchain is one many have focused on, for things such as online casinos where blockchain can prove odds and fairness of a card draw or dice role. Another interesting blockchain gaming experience is proof of digital ownership allowing for a game like Cryptokitties to exist where the entire premise is based on exclusivity of a digital asset and the ablitiy to show ownership as well as lineage all completely visable on blockchain. These are just some of the first cases of blockchain usage in gaming and we are excited to see where to future will take blockchain and gaming, you wont want to miss our panel discussion! Our Panel TBD About TF Blockchain TF Blockchain is a collaboration conference hyper-focused on blockchain use cases for mass adoption, particularly through enterprise and consumer audiences made up of executives, entrepreneurs, investors, government policy makers, and influencers. The TF Blockchain Seattle Chapter provides a community base for engagement, collaboration and advanced education (technical and non-technical) around blockchain to support overall blockchain growth in Seattle. If you are not familiar with our past events, please visit us at https://tfblock.io to watch our videos from past events, also available on YouTube under our channel: TF Blockchain.

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Ep 05: Payments & Blockchain

WeWork 1411 4th Ave

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