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Presentation 1: 18:00 : Wojciech Denejko (EPAM)- ML.NET in Action!

Presentation 2: 19:00 : Dominik Pawłocki (EPAM) - Testing services contracts with PACT on .NET Core

Presentation 3: Pizza

EPAM company sponsors a ticket for a .NET Developers Days ( The ticket will be drawn after second presentation (the voucher value - 799PLN)


Presentation 1: 18:00 : Wojciech Denejko (EPAM)- "ML.NET in Action!"

We’ve all probably heard some things about machine learning, but still this topic is generally perceived as one which require rocket science to understand how it actually works and how to solve a particular problem. In this talk we’ll go through some of the most popular machine learning challenges and implement working examples using Microsoft newest open-source Machine Learning framework – ML.NET.

Short BIO:
C# .NET Developer since 2016. Interested in functional programming using F#. In spare time I’m focusing on machine learning and deep learning.


Presentation 2: 19:00 : Dominik Pawłocki (EPAM) - "Testing services contracts with PACT on .NET Core"

Have you heard about microservices ? Or any other system consisted of parts connected via Http? In this presentation I will speak about PACT, which helps to maintain a microserviced system. PACT is a testing framework for many platforms/languages. It tests Http contracts both from request and response side in isolation from each other. I will support the theory with a .NET Core 2 examples and I hope after a presentation you would be able to use this in your projects. Developers, testers - all welcome !

Short BIO :
Software engineer focused on the .Net stack for like 10 years, for a few months at EPAM.
After being involved in many monoliths systems, observing how industry switches to less coupled approaches.
Beside observing, I do developer tasks - coding still 😊
In private family man, amateur carpenter, beer maker.