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The Inner Garden

401 Richmond Street West suite #384 · Toronto, ON


What we're about

ADVAITA is an eclectic group of friends interested in meditation, yoga, enlightenment, self realization, non duality teachings (Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism). Francis Lucille, a long time friend and student of Jean Klein, is a spiritual teacher of the Advaita Vedanta tradition. There are 7 week long retreats every year and meetings every week at his home in Temecula, California. There are also retreats in Tampa (Florida), Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain), Munich (Germany) and Shropshire (England).

Format of the meetings

Each meeting is comprised of two sessions, one formal, the other informal.

1.1 Formal session (no less than 40 minutes)

It starts with a silent meditation (no less than 15 minutes) followed with some teachings by Francis (mostly a video). If a video is not available, listening to Francis' CDs or reading excerpts from his books is a possible alternative.

1.2 Informal session

This part is an exercise in spontaneity. It will evolve out of the perfume generated by the formal part. It is simply a meeting among friends. Total freedom is the rule. The group can decide to keep watching the video, or to talk about it, or about a book, or a teaching, or to talk about any topic, serious or not, to watch an entertaining movie, to tell jokes, to listen to music, etc…

The goal of this meeting is to enjoy the perfume of Presence and of friendship, rather than to loose oneself in sterile controversies.

If an unresolved question arises during the meeting, the event organizer can present it directly to Francis. It will be answered with top priority on the mailing list of the Meetup group ADVAITA and on the Advaita Channel.

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