What we're about

This gathering will provide opportunities to listen, learn and share views in a supportive atmosphere with people that are curious and enjoy engaging in seriously fun discussions on a variety of topics.

Once I was asked, "Do you like to talk about things, people or ideas?" My answer was IDEAS! Not that discussing a story about a friend or our new gadget is necessarily a bad thing. However, often it is difficult to find opportunities to have engaging conversations about artistic/scientific/ historical or otherwise potentially interesting topics. This place gives you that opportunity!

Knowledge on topics is not a prerequisite. The Topic is not as important as is the 'Act of Engagement.' Here is a place to engage, politely, respectively but not fearfully. There might be a right answer but few of us have it.

Participants will be invited to offer ideas for future sessions. Here are some ideas:

1). What is your style? Procrastination or getting it done? Is one better than the other? 2). Does the artist's politics influence your decision to enjoy their creation? - Actors, Writers, Musicians... 3). Top 5 Movie/TV choices.4). Do we need God to be Good? 5). Fiction or non-fiction? 6). What is Time Well Spent mean to you? 7). Authenticity and the rise of individualism. Is it a societal good? 8). Gender Identity & Sexual orientation 9). Parenting. 10). Nationalism, Globalization & Identity Politics. 11). Share a travel story or 3. 12). Generalizing & Stereotyping. Feminism -- Waves. Cognitive Biases. 13). What is Beauty? 14). Drug use in Society. 15). Conformity. 16). 21st Century Sexual expression. 17). Philosophers Famous One Liners. Think you will agree with them? 18). Food, Pop, and Wealth. 19). Nature/Nurture. 20). Conservative with age. Why your political stripes change over time. 21). The Rise of China 22). Legalizing Prostitution?.........

Please bring $5.00 cash to the door to offset costs.

• PLACE: Seven Oaks School Board Office 830 Powers
(off Jefferson in West Kildonan) in the beautiful BOARD ROOM!

Coffee and sweets will be served.

TIME: 7:00-9:00

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