Energy Tools for Empaths: Essentials for Self-Care and Well-Being

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March 7 at 7 PM, $35

Calling all Empaths and HSPs (highly sensitive people) ! This class is for you if you want to reduce stress and overwhelm, discover ways to empower and protect yourself energetically, and feel more in charge of your energy, your personal space and personal power. In this class you will:

• Learn to shift your energetic state by yourself
• Improve your energy discernment and know what to do with "red flags"
• Gain experience releasing energy that does not serve you
• Learn ways to increase your personal power in tandem with your empathic muscles
• Discover ways to protect yourself against "energy intrusions"
• Revise and refocus things empaths often unconsciously do to better serve your health and well-being
• Gain a tool box of mind and energy practices you can use right away with handouts

Class is a combination of teaching, individual and groups exercises. While you are more than welcome to bring your own crystals, charms or talismans for personal support, this class is about owning and honing your energy from within. I run a very energetically grounded and clean space and the class is designed to give you a healing as you learn and integrate tools and new information! Before your leave we will all do energetic separations from each other and the space.

Who am I? :) My name is Susan and I am an intuitive empath whose hyper sentience led to many health challenges when I was younger, ultimately requiring me to master mind and energy healing practices specifically for empaths. I am committed to helping empaths reduce stress, regain their health and own their gifts to empower the well-being of themselves and others. I am the founder of Aurora Mind and Energy and The Light Direction.