The Power of Vocal Sound Healing: Use Your Voice for Healing & Transformation

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The Power of Vocal Sound Healing: Use Your Voice for Healing and Transformation

This workshop is designed to help you find, own and direct the sound of your own healing voice. Sound is a medium to which the whole body responds -- physical, energetically, spiritually. We can use our own voice to elicit tones and frequencies that help release, move, heal and transform energy, emotions, and spiritual blocks, and can support and enhance physical healing.

In this workshop, you’ll gain experience doing this--with specific exercises geared to using your own voice as a way to reduce stress, gain greater emotional balance, break up energetic blocks, and call in energy that supports your healing and well-being. I keep an energetically clean space and offer an approach that allows you to move at your own pace, even within the group. As the sound of your voice vibrates in your own body it can simultaneously validate your experiences with trauma and other difficult emotions, while directly catalyzing deep release and healing. You'll gain invaluable instruction and learn to deeply listen to your inner voice while opening and guiding your actual voice for individual, partner and group healing sessions.

Who am I? My name is Susan and I am an experienced vocal sound healing practitioner and voice artist with expertise in energy healing and voice empowerment mentoring. I am also a licensed transpersonal hypnotherapist.

You will leave the event feeling stronger in your voice and with a deeper understanding of the wonderful healing potential of voice work, along with practices you can incorporate into your own daily life.

$65: Price includes instruction, exercises, handout, sound tools you can use at home or in your professional practice, a light snack (oranges & almonds). Chairs, cushions and blankets are provided.

Please: Bring snacks you need to feel nourished and energized, water bottle (water is available at the Apothecary but BYO if it suits you). Wear comfy clothes.

Notes: You do not have to be a singer or even be able to carry a tune to do sound healing work. As a trauma survivor myself, I get that opening the voice can feel scary for some. This workshop is designed with that in mind while also enabling those who feel ready, to dive deep.

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