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What we’re about

The Open Way - Nonduality - Spiritual Heart - Oneness Inquiry

with Cory Bright & Visiting Teachers

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Are we really the identity Are we really the identity, image or story adopted & presented to us or are we beyond any conditioned notion of who we think we are?

Beyond story or any image of “self”…  we are spaciousness. We can Relax & Enjoy as

Open Awareness that Knows no Boundary

Suggested Love Donations - All are welcome at the Door

Below are 2 flyers, one for our January Newsletter and below that is another flyer for a taste of how and what we share. It pretty much says it all. Scroll down here at meetup for details on our individual events and to rsvp. Members may rsvp here at meetup. You can find all our events and enlarged flyers with detailed info on each teacher and gathering and more at

Hi All,

I am starting a weekly gathering of nondual oriented sharing this Wed Oct 25. At Spiritual Center. I am going with the flow each week mixing it up between leading the gatherings myself, having guest teachers local and from around the world.. some live spiritual music.. play some nondual oriented and spiritual documentaries and clips of teachers etc. You get the idea..

We are blessed with access to various teachers and music here in the bay area and I love to be a portal for these expressions.

If you love Rupert Spira, Roger Castillo, Adyashanti, A Course in Miracles, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Mooji, Buddhism especially Dzogchen Buddhism, etc.. You get the idea... anything that is nondual oriented. I will share and support what is most nurturing in my life at this time as well..

If all goes well and donations pay for the rent, I would like to add snacks and potluck etc. We can all go out to dinner afterward as well as an option. There will be a short mediation.. then various sharings that are nondual oriented in an intimate, casual setting.

So I would love to see ones that love what I love share what we love together.. See you Wednesday! :) As Love.. Cory Bright

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