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We are eternal beings! Our spirits are immortal! Find out who you were before, to get to know who you are now and where you are going!

We're an ongoing monthly support group helping people to discover new and different past lives each meeting! As well as presenting new lectures each month exploring different aspects of the field including, Reincarnation, Karma & the reading of The Akashic records! In this class we will look deeply into the soul and uncover memories of lives that were once lived and lost. Through the safe process of Past Life Regression participants will be able to tap into the supra-conscious aspect of the mind in order to uncover vast hidden regions where memories of who we were in the past are stored. Many of the issues we are dealing with in this life can be sourced back to our past lives. Plus Free Mini Past Life Readings each month by Apollo who will channel THE ASCENDED MASTERS to find out who you were in the past and the lives you once lived!!

According to Apollo:

"We are eternal, we have had infinite lives on our journey in consciousness! Join the adventure!"

"Apollo's class was Brilliant! Thanks so much Apollo!" Holly Mathews

"Apollo is truly a gifted Master Teacher." Jaquie

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Discover Your Soul Contracts! Plus Past Life Readings by Apollo!

PLEASE NOTE: OUR CLASSES ARE GENERALLY WELL ATTENDED! Do NOT go by the RSVP’s as most attendees do NOT RSVP in advance . Please do join us! Thank you! Before incarnating, we agreed to perform specific works in order to complete our Karma here on Earth in the form of Soul Contracts. In mystical traditions it is said that a soul stands before the Karmic Board just prior to incarnating into the next life where these decisions of karma and contracts are made. However, most upon incarnating into the earth plane enter into a state of unconsciousness where these agreements are forgotten. Indeed the soul contract becomes the blueprint that dictates the direction the life takes and the experiences the individual has. So the person is said to then be on automatic. Until he awakens. Indeed the whole system is ultimately set up for the soul to one day awaken within the very incarnation it finds itself in and with the guidance of the higher self begins living off the grid, so to speak,or blueprint, where then one has the power to then "change" one's soul contract! This is an excellent modality for healing and spiritual enlightenment. In this extraordinary workshop you will learn: *The Soul Contracts you agreed to *How to explore your Life's Themes to uncover Contracts *How to Clear troubling Karma *Uncovering your personal mythology and your true purpose in life! *How to release relationships and crippling situations that no long serve you *How to change and release long held belief systems & attitudes *And much much more Join us in this Adventure in Consciousness as we discover your Soul Contracts! Plus Mini Past Life Readings by Apollo! Cost: $20 pre-sale $25 Day of class (Purchase Discount Tickets @ Vision Quest- Debit/Credit[masked]) For more info:[masked] Instructor: Apollo-Metaphysician Part Native American Intuitive from the Cherokee Nation, Apollo has 30 years of research and experience in Metaphysics and the UFO phenomenon. Hailing from Kansas City Missouri, Apollo, has traveled the country as an Award Winning Motivational Speaker lecturing and teaching classes on a vast array of Metaphysical subjects including Extraterrestrials,Multidimensional Consciousness and Shamanism. His training includes studying with a Brujo from Mexico and a Native American Medicine Woman from Mt Shasta, both who taught him the way of the Shaman. Apollo has appeared on International Television and Radio shows, teaching and doing live on air psychic readings for callers. Having been in professional practice for over 25 years, Apollo brings a grounded, practical and real world approach to his teaching and consulting. Apollo Master Psychic-Intuitive/Channel/Telepath Spiritual Teacher & Mentor/Vibrational Healer/Past Life Regression Therapist/UFO Researcher Master Psychic: http://www.apollostarnetwork.com To schedule an appointment:[masked] Metaphysical Classes by Apollo:www.meetup.com/THE-NEW-AGE-METAPHYSICS-CLASS/ Vision Quest Classes by Apollo:www.visionquestbooks.com UFO Researcher http://www.meetup.com/UFOS-ALIENS-EXTRATERRESTRIALS-PREPARATION-FOR-CONTACT/ Past Life Researcher http://www.meetup.com/THE-PAST-LIFE-REGRESSION-CLASS/

MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS! Applied Metaphysics- Tools to Fulfill Your Desires!

A NOTE FROM APOLLO: "Hello Everyone! Are you frustrated in manifesting what you truly desire in life AND are you willing to put simple, practical tools into daily practice? Then this 4 hour workshop dedicated to realizing your dreams is for you! We will take a Project or Goal and create simple tools to assist you in manifesting." This is an experiential, hands-on workshop about how to take what you truly desire in life and turn it in to reality. Many of us have read books, seen movies, meditated/prayed but still feel frustrated in consistently producing what we desire in our lives. When you are done with this class, you will be clear about what is at the core of creation. This workshop will get you in touch with the creator within. All of us are creating our lives but many of us are doing this subconsciously which often will be in contradiction for what we are consciously attempting to create. As you begin to realize that you are the creator of everything in your life, you will be able to stand in a more powerful place to uncreate what you don't want and to create what you desire. In this workshop, we will take an area of life that is important to you and walk through the steps to create a structure to have you reliably fulfill on what you desire. And when you don't, be clear on what's missing so you can put it into practice. You will also have some practical tips and tools to use to help you keep on track with your practices COST: $30 with advanced purchase, $35 the day of the event Call VQ For Discount Tickets:[masked] Dan Leboffe, Workshop Facilitator: This workshop will be led by Dan Leboffe. Dan is a Capitalistic Social Worker whose mission in life is to make money and make a difference at the same time and demonstrate how business and spirituality overlap. He was a CPA and has his MBA from a top business school and has been in the business world for over 30 years. While he is grounded in the "real world", his commitment is to operate and produce results from a spiritual/metaphysical context and will share specifically how he does that so others may learn and replicate success in areas of life that are important to them.

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