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It's a writers' group. If you don't attend a single meeting, you're removed from the group in about a month. And if you join THE RUFF WRITERS, that's great but due to the track record of last time, the only way you attend the meetings is if you personally message me. So sorry if that's hard for you.

I'm sorry, but I can't stand people JOINING the group and never gracing us with their presence. Yes, I wrote "us" because I already have a writers' group but I wish there were more members because I like diversity.

You should join if you're a writer. Simple as that. If you're not, well, you shouldn't be reading this.

O.K., no one in the proper English language would ever tell anyone what they will "do" at an event. Too harsh. A better question is this one: What do my events consist of?

Well, now that you asked politely without yelling, the group begins with a writing prompt which you can choose to follow or not. However, I encourage participation. So take it or leave it.

After that, we will be critiquing your work so get ready to have your work slaughtered before your eyes. Well, I'll be doing that. If you can't stand the critique, however, get out of the group. I'm serious. This isn't some group where we pat you on the back and say: "Job well done, good sir." Nope. We give you the ruff truth. Hence: RUFF WRITERS.

And here's another question: Should you join?

No, you shouldn't. Would I like you to join? Well, I don't know. Are you a writer or a poser?

With writes,

-Andy Ruffett

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