What we're about

Don't miss the 3rd Annual THE Spades Tournament, yup that one. This year we are elated to partner with HLoft in Harlem.

Proceeds will go toward the Prenzivella K. Saunders Book Scholarship, providing Black students with assistance for scholastic resources.

Come and enjoy, soul cuisine and Drinks by Jersey Shine, Black vendorsfrom across the globe, Mini-games for non-spades players and of course the main event: a Cash prize and Bragging rights for THE winning spades team.

THE Spades Tournament is the perfect opportunity to celebrate togetherness, unity and good clean-ish fun.

Remember, there's only one THE Spades Tournament, yup that one. :)

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How We Play:

Order of Cards (From Highest to Lowest): Big Joker, Little Joker, 2 of Spades, 2 of Diamonds, Ace of Spades and so on.
Games are to 300 points (500 Points for the championship game)
A special gift will be given to teams who make 10+ books in one round (Boston)

Each book over your team's bid will count as 1 point. 10 books over your team's bids (accumulated throughout all rounds) will result in -100 points


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THE Spades Tournament and Game Night

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THE Spades Tournament

Needs a location

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