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If you are a true wine lover, looking to educate yourself, taste and mingle with others like you this group might be a good fit for you. The plan for this group is to meet once a month, select a region or variety, learn about it, taste and compare the notes... and have some good cheese with it!
I would like to meet true wine lovers, that have some knowledge of wine but are eager to learn more, and explore the vast world of wine. Our wines will not be mass produced, sold at Target or Publix bottles with eye catching labels. We will be focusing on real old world but also a new world regions, that produce real wine according to the traditional wine making techniques. I am looking for commitment, suggestions, and members involvement in the group. Sommeliers are welcome!

Example of the meetup:

(date and time determined. 10 people or less, meet at one of the members place, park, etc)

Exploring MENCIA
Spanish red variety primarily grown in northwestern part of the country. Do some homework about it, bring not only the wine but some knowledge.
Bring a bottle of 100% Mencia from Spain, priced over $20.00 and something to eat that would pair well with the bottle of choice.
Know a little about what you are bringing, so you can share with the rest of the group.

As we meet - we taste, talk, eat and drink some more, learning about different wines every time.

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Meet and greet with Sicilian Reds!

Steelworks Atlanta

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