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Vancouver Greenest City update and the Eco Cities of the World.


We are all blessed to live in the wonderful city of Vancouver.
More and more of us are driving less, biking more visiting community gardens and connecting with our local communities. Cities don't grow just by themselves they happen by design, community development and planning.
The Vancouver Greenest City 2020 is a bold initiative that will address Vancouver's environmental challenges, making Vancouver one of the greenest cities in the world by 2020. Around the world we see a growth in models of
Eco Cities and Sustainable Cities growing everywhere as more and more of us are living in cities world wide. Vancouver Green City Action Plan. (

~ Vancouver's Green Identity Crisis Is the World's

Let get together and have a look at how cities around the world are working on sustainability and the growth in Eco cities. Bring your research and ideas and lets have a collective discussion.
Review the Vancouver progress report in the link below.

City of Vancouver Greenest City Action Plan Review
Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University.

The World's Greenest City
Mr. Sadhu A. Johnston, Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver

SFU’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development

5 Eco Cities stories