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Our next meetup we will focus on Technology and Employment, specifically How to get a Job in Tech (whether you're a techie or if you're pivoting). We are delighted to have:

6:00 - 6:15 Candace Worthen ( is pivoting from a (photo) journalist career and earned a fellowship at Interactive Mechanics ( last year.

6:15 - 6:30 Our Education Corner will be anchored by Byron Woodson ( who will talk about networking in the technical and human sense. Certainly apropos of the Employment focus.

6:30 - 7:30 Delphic Digital ( will help fill our panel discussion on How to get a Job in Tech with three colleagues, all of whom have varying experiences about their tech careers. From Delphic will be:

Stephanie Lin ( ) is a User Experience Specialist at Elsevier. After a few career transitions between event planning, marketing, and visual design in the public health and education sector, she's finally made her way to the promise land: user experience. During her spare time, she enjoys photography, travel, and stirring up trouble in the tech community as Veep (aka Batgirl) of PhillyCHI.

Adrienne McDonnell ( is a Front End Developer What do fashion design, spatial data analysis, and web development have in common? While they seem like disparate subjects, Adrienne sees them linked by the same engaging process of design, technical problem solving, and construction.

Laura Oxenfeld ( is a UX and Business Analyst at Delphic Digital. Before that, she spearheaded technical writing, UX research, and design at a bootstrapped health IT startup. Her background is in qualitative research in technology.

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