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Through the reconciliation of seemingly opposed perspectives - faith and modern understanding - THINK seeks to preserve the faith of those who question.

Our Mission:


To shore-up, support and strengthen the faith of those believers whose faith is in jeopardy, having been exposed to challenging questions and not finding satisfactory and credible answers. This will be accomplished not by stop-gapping with comfortable oversimplifications or intellectually dishonest marginalization of inconvenient facts and probabilities. It will be accomplished by embracing and digesting the complexities of the vexing issues in the light of solid, honest, dispassionate logic, the living spiritual doctrines of God's Word, and the Bible's applicable temporal teachings and wisdom.

To put an end to the cultural isolation experienced by so many thinkers in mainstream Christian society by providing a supportive and stimulating assembly of God-fearing brothers and sisters with similarly created minds. To create a stabilizing and validating fellowship for those bearing the burden of a God-fearing intellectual mind who feel themselves to be isolated.

To be an agent for creating unity in the Body of Christ where before there was estrangement between diverse members.


To validly reconcile the varying perspectives of Christian faith and modern rational thought through critical analysis of the truth-value in both. By identifying and acknowledging where intellectuals have valid arguments against some traditional and perhaps outdated notions and interpretations of what the Bible is communicating regarding the natural world and things of a scientific nature, we will at once maintain the credibility of our testimony and eliminate unnecessary stumbling blocks and distractions from the true and most valuable goal of this or any ministry: witness to the Gospel of Christ Jesus and the two super-commandments of the New Testament.

To offer a credible intellectual environment for potential and new intellectual converts. This will be an environment in which all viewpoints will be considered with an open mind and judged according to the Word of God rightly divided, true philosophy and the dispassionate, logical analysis of a mind seeking truth, not one seeking to defend a viewpoint simply out of fear of the existential ramifications of having been wrong up until that point.

To equip and fortify thinkers with the data, concepts and proper methods of reasoning that will enable them to identify and do what is constructive and profitable in their lives. Nearly as importantly, to teach these thinkers to identify and dismantle faulty or fallacious mental constructs so that these members of the Body won't find themselves on the wrong side of issues and judgments wasting their life's energy "trying to fit square pegs into round holes" when adherence to proper reason would have otherwise demonstrated this to be impossible.

To enable and qualify those leaders who aspire to speak into the lives of intellectuals. This will be accomplished by fostering understanding of what intellectuals value and creating familiarity with the realm of reason in which they operate and interpret the world around them. Creating awareness of certain widely recurrent, key issues will further this goal.

Where appropriate and profitable, to simply educate for education's sake on things doctrinal, theological, scientific,philosophical and historical.

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