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Founded in San Jose by a Christian seeking intellectual honesty, THINK is a place where people with diverse viewpoints can come together to discuss issues related to religion, philosophy, and science. THINK searches for honest answers to nagging questions and for points of reconciliation between faith and modern understanding. It is a place for those who are questioning their faith or who want to engage more critically with it and those who have no faith but are interested in Christian theology and want to know whether it, or religious thought more generally, can be reconciled with modern science and philosophy.

This is the Irvine branch of THINK. Each branch of THINK is independently organized and operated.

Rules for public online forum:

(Upon recurrent and blatant disregard of these, a member will be banned from the group.)

• The pages for upcoming meetings exist for planning purposes only. Logistical questions, announcements, and the like go there.

• Other discussions belong in the online discussion forums. To access the forums, go to our group's Meetup site and click on "Discussions" near the top. (Unfortunately, the "Discussions" link is not visible on mobile devices.)

• If you want to announce an event that is not directly related to our group but that might be of interest to our members, you may post it pretty much anywhere you think people will see it, including the pages for upcoming meetings. You may also message me and ask me to email the announcement to the group; I will send the email if I think that it is appropriate. (If I announce an event, I am implicitly endorsing it, so I may decline to announce some events even if I am fine with you announcing them yourself.)

Additional rules:


(i.e. no explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions)


(e.g. “jerk,” “idiot,” “fool”)


(excessive use of words like f•••, sh••, etc.)


(e.g. “The real reason that you don’t believe in God is because you just don’t like the idea of having to obey Him!” OR “You’re just using faith as a crutch because you just handle the idea of God not being there for you!”) Of course I understand that personal (constructive) criticism is sometimes beneficial, but in this case, please do it in a personal message (found at the top right corner of this site) and not on the public forum.

Some guidelines for public online forum:

(These are general principles that should be upheld in the online discussion)

"Golden Rule of THINK": Hear out and consider other THINK members’ opinions as you would like them to hear out and consider your opinions.

Try to be patient and remember that other THINK members may come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, and have different life experiences than you do. If they disagree with you, it isn't necessarily because they are "stubborn" or "obtuse." They may have legitimate reasons for why they believe what they believe, and you may even learn something from them :-)

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Let's discuss the meaning of life!

Needs a location

When most people think of philosophy, they think of old men in togas arguing about the meaning of life. This stereotype prompts a lot of head-shaking from professional philosophers. At this meeting, we're going to take the question "What is the meaning of life?" seriously. First of all, what does the question itself mean—what does it mean for life to be meaningful or meaningless? What meaning(s) might life (or a particular life) have? How can we find meaning in our lives? These are some of the questions we'll be asking. Come join us for a riveting open discussion! We will meet in Irvine. The location will probably be the Irvine Ranch Water District, but I need to confirm.

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Let's discuss the meaning of life!

235 west maple monrovia ca

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