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THINKIMMERSIVE is a 360 video, virtual and augmented reality exploratory lab spawned by the members of nyc-based digital agency - visual mercenary group. This crew’s core focus is on the rapidly emerging technologies and creative concepts specifically suited for the immersive and augmented mediums.

We invite all those enthusiastic about these technologies and hope to uncover ways for those with various perspectives to contribute to the rapidly emerging immersive and augmented movement.

We envision a constructive forum for 360 immersive video production pros, designers, virtual reality pioneers and programmers as well as experiential brand managers, behavioral scientists, performance artists, educators, and social do-gooders to find group sessions rewarding on many different levels. We feel this medium can unite those with different skill sets in a way that fosters meaningful experiences.

Please share your suggestions: thinkimmersive@gmail.com.

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